This 2 days Wroclaw Itinerary Was A Real Highlight For Us

Complete 2 days Wroclaw itinerary

When people talk about Poland, they usually mention the capital Warsaw or Krakow, but what they are missing out is Wroclaw, a charming city in the West of Poland. 

Think diverse European culture (they were part of Germany, Czech Republic and Austria previously) combined with rich architecture, soaked in a relaxed atmosphere, and you get Wroclaw.

Today, we want to show you the best 2 days Wroclaw itinerary so that you can travel and plan your trip here easily.

Visiting Poland? If you are, do check out our Krakow Itinerary or Warsaw Itinerary for more details on planning your trip!

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Dwarf in Wroclaw Poland

Things to do in Wroclaw: Save to Google Maps

Here is a Google Map that contains all the places covered in this 2 Days Wroclaw Itinerary. 

It contains 4 layers, one for each day, one for recommended hotels (red), and one for recommended food (green). 

How to use: Take note you will have to be signed in to your Google Account. 

  • Click on the map below. It will open up in a new window. 
  • If you are signed in to your Google Account, the map will be saved automatically.
  • Make sure to do this step so that you can easily refer back to the locations even when you are offline.
  • Next time, simply open up Google Maps again and find this map under “Your Places” –> “Maps”.

Expert tip: Be sure to download offline maps in Google Maps when you have an internet connection. You might not have data or access to WiFi, and the offline version will come in super handy.

google maps wroclaw itinerary

How to pronounce Wroclaw?

Let’s get this one out of the way first, shall we?

It is not pronounced “ro-claw”, though some of them might know what you are trying to say. 

The right way to say it is a “vrohts wahf”, and you would need to roll the “r” more. To put it in english context is tough, but we think it will be closest to “rrrots waf”.

Hey, Polish is a tongue twister for non-native speakers, so don’t be too worried about it. 

Background about Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a city in the West of Poland, straddling the Oder river, or Odra River.

It is also the capital of Lower Silesia, a historical province of Silesia, and sits at the foot of the Sudetes mountain range. 

Thanks to a huge student population, the city is vibrant and youthful.

While it might be under the radar for most tourists, it should not stay that way for long, after winning the European Capital of Culture award in 2016 and the European Best Destination in 2018.

We had it in our sights over 2 years ago, while researching a central Europe itinerary, and became intrigued by its unique name. 

Little did we know we would eventually make it here and discover quickly how wonderful it is, and we need to plan a return trip!

Visit Wroclaw for its beautiful and colourful Gothic-Renaissance buildings, cute hidden gnomes and great food scene, and you will definitely fall in love.

So if you like old-school charm and modern-day quirkiness plus a rich culture, Wroclaw is gonna be perfect for you. 

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What to know before going to Wroclaw?

Some useful information you need to know before you travel to Wroclaw:

  • Electricity: Wroclaw uses 230V/50Hz AC and the plug sockets are round 2 pins
  • Water is said to be safe for drinking, but we found it to have a peculiar taste, plus the fact that plumbing is pretty old, we suggest going for bottled water
  • To differentiate between sparkling and still water, look out for the words gazowana (carbonated) and niegazowana (still)
  • Although Poland is part of the European Union, they use their own currency, the Polish zloty (PLN). It converts at roughly 4.25 PLN to €1, and 3.8 PLN to US$1
  • Change money at kantors (money exchange), and you can find reasonable rates at most kantors in Old Town. We recommend Cent Kantor Exchange at Swidnicka 3, 50-064, Wroclaw, Poland
Beautiful views of the Oder River in Wroclaw

How to get to Wroclaw?

Wroclaw is probably the fourth most popular city in Poland, behind Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk, and it is unsurprisingly easy to reach.

There are a few ways to get to Wroclaw, and we cover each of them here.

Easiest: By Plane

From around the regional cities such as the United Kingdom, France Germany, there are many direct flights that fly into the Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

With the advent of low-cost airlines, you can easily find yourself a reasonably priced ticket to get to Wroclaw.

We found tickets lesser than €65 return from London on a 2-hour flight, and there are similar prices from all across the region or even lesser!

Check prices here at Skyscanner.

From the airport, municipal bus service 106 can take you right into the city at only 3.40 PLN, and you alight at the main railway station, Wroclaw Glowny.

The journey takes about 40 minutes and buses run every 15 minutes. Get your tickets on the bus.

There is also a shuttle bus service available, known as the WRO Airport Express, which cost €2.50 and takes about 30 minutes to reach the main railway station.

Or rent a car from the airport if this is part of a longer regional trip. 

By Train

Wroclaw is connected to its neighbouring cities within Poland, as well as some outside of it. 

From Warsaw or Krakow, the train journey is around 3.5 hours and costs 85 PLN. 

You can get your tickets from the main operator Intercity here.

As the train journeys into Wroclaw from most cities are pretty long, we wouldn’t suggest using the train to be the best option. 

From Dresden and Berlin, the journey takes about 3.5 to 4 hours.

In this instance, we are not fans of Polish trains and think there are better ways to get there.

By Bus

There are a number of bus operators that can get you to Wroclaw from nearby cities, but of course, the time taken will be longer.

From Prague for example, the bus journey takes 5 hours.

This will be suitable for those with more time to spare and looking for a lower budget.

Check out either Polski Bus or Flixbus.

By Car Rental

Although it is not necessary to have a car to get around Wroclaw, you might be doing a trip that covers a few Polish or European cities.

In this case, driving might make the most sense, especially if there are a few of you to split the cost. 

Besides, car rental cost in Poland is pretty reasonable, and so is the price of petrol. 

Road conditions are excellent and are pretty safe to drive around.

The best car rental we used in Europe is Rentalcars, as they offer really good rates and the insurance is reasonable. 

Going to a car rental directly (for example Hertz, Avis) will likely incur you a high insurance fee.

If you buy insurance from Rentalcars, make sure to check your rental agreement when picking up your car to avoid a double charge by the car rental agency.

By Private Transfer

This option is great if you prefer to have some privacy and enjoy the comfort of your own space. 

A private driver can be arranged to pick you up from the airport right to your hotel doorstep (in the city) and the price is very reasonable. 

For up to 3 persons, the service cost roughly 98 PLN only.

Getting around Wroclaw

Tram tracks in Wroclaw

Getting around Wroclaw is very easy, as the city has done a good job with public transport.

There are a variety of options, and mostly you will be using buses and trams.

For visitors, you will need to pick up single fare tickets, which can be found at most stations and on buses and trams themselves.

A single ticket costs only 3 PLN, or if you know that you are going around the city a fair bit, get yourself a 24 hour ticket which cost 11 PLN.

If you are mostly in the Old Town area, then there really is not much need of public transport, since walking is the best option here.

If you would like to get around in a taxi, we suggest using Uber instead as the fares are reasonable and you will not have to deal with rogue taxi drivers, a problem that still persists today.

Alternatively, consider getting on an electric car private tour instead!

What should you budget for Wroclaw?

  • Accommodation: 440 PLN per night, twin sharing, mid-range
  • Food: 80 PLN, 2 meals, breakfast in hotel or local bakery
  • Transport: 10 PLN
  • Total per person per day: 310 PLN, or US$78

How many days in Wroclaw?

We think that at least 2 full days are necessary to see the main sights in Wroclaw, but if you have more time, 3 days would allow you to see more at a relaxed pace.

Where to stay in Wroclaw?

Since there are only 2 days to explore Wroclaw, it would be advisable to pick a spot that is close to the things you will be doing.

We suggest staying in the Old Town in order to maximise your time here, and this is also the most charming district you can find yourself in.

Here are our suggestions: (all within walking distance to Old Town)

Now that you have sorted out where to stay, let’s dive into the things to do in Wroclaw!

2 Days Wroclaw Itinerary – Day 1

Old Town Hall of Wroclaw

Wroclaw Old Town Hall at night

On the first day of your trip to Wroclaw, spend the day exploring the Old Town.

You will discover how Wroclaw’s past has shaped its cultural identity, giving it its unique blend of architecture and cuisine. 

Start out at the Old Town Hall, which is located in the centre of the city, also known as Market Square or Rynek.

The locals call it Stary Ratusz, and in here you can find the Museum of Bourgeois Art, which is critical to learning about the city.

The building is designed in an old Gothic way, and remains a very important part of Polish history, showcasing medieval architecture in stunning fashion.

Construction started in 1299, but it took a full 250 years before it was finally completed, and served as a government building until the 19th century. 

It is now open to the public and also houses one of the oldest restaurants in Europe, Piwnica Swidnicka.

Start time: 9 am
Address: Rynek 50, 50-996 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: Short walk over from tram station Olawska
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1 hour

Old Town Hall in Wroclaw
Wroclaw Old Town Hall in the day

Market Square

Colourful buildings around Market Square

With the Old Town hall visited, start your way towards the Market Square, also known as Rynek Glowny.

Having visited both Warsaw and Krakow, we can tell you that the allure of Wroclaw certainly equals if not exceeds that of the 2 biggest Polish cities.

Make your way around the square in search of the best restaurants and cafes, and be sure to stop for brunch, one of the locals’ favourite activities.

Be enthralled by the pastel-coloured Renaissance lining up the sides of the great square, and check out the gas street lamps, some of which are still lighted up by hand each night.

On the other side of the main square, you will find an interesting installation, the Zdroj Fountain. 

It was built in 1996 and was supposed to stay there for only a couple of years, but today it still stands as an abstract art piece, made of glass and granite.

Start time: 10 am
Address: 50-529 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: Short walk over from Old Town Hall
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 30 minutes

Zdroj Fountain in Market Square Wroclaw
Zdroj Fountain in Market Square Wroclaw

Hunt for the gnomes of Wroclaw

Dwarf in Wroclaw
Dwarf fell asleep after a full meal!

The story behind the gnomes, or dwarfs, is one of resistance, which dates back to the 1980s.

During that time, there was a strong anti-Soviet movement in the city, and a group of people known as Orange Alternative used dwarves to symbolise their resistance to the oppressive regime.

The use of dwarves was an important part of the movement, helping people not to be scared of their situation, and eventually was part of the reason the regime was toppled. 

In 2001, the city placed its first dwarf on Świdnicka Street and since then, hundreds of tiny little gnomes have been sprouting up in Wroclaw to commemorate the Orange Alternative.

Nobody seems to know the exact number of dwarves these days, but estimates place them at over 400, with a few just outside of the city.

We took it as a fun side activity while exploring Wroclaw, but if you are serious, you can find books and apps that will direct you to all or most of them.

Whichever it is, you are definitely going to have fun finding them!

Start time: Anytime
Address: You have to hunt them down!
Getting here: 
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: –

St Elizabeth’s Church

St Elizabeth Church in Wroclaw
St Elizabeth Church in Wroclaw

Probably the most imposing structure in Old Town Wroclaw is the St Elizabeth’s Church, in all its Gothic glory.

To get to the top of the stairwell requires a tiring climb up the 300 plus steps, but you will be rewarded with one of the best views of the Old Town.

The Church interior may not rival some of the bigger names in Europe, but certainly it has its own charisma, and it’s certainly worth a venture inside.

Start time: 11.30 am
Address: Świętej Elżbiety 1/2, 50-001 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: 2 minutes walk from Market Square
Fee: Free
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 am – 6 pm, Sunday, 1 pm – 6 pm
Time spent here: 30 minutes

Hansel and Gretel Houses

Hansel and Gretel house in Wroclaw
Hansel and Gretel House in Wroclaw

Supposedly, these two buildings got their names due to the archway that connected them together, making them look like they are holding hands. 

Known as Jas and Malgosia locally, they also formed part of the town houses that lined the St Elizabeth cemetery, and today you will find souvenir shops, bars and restaurants in the area.

While it is not the most impressive of buildings here, they do represent a nice bit of Wroclaw history and is worth a photo op!

Start time: 12 pm
Address: Świętego Mikołaja 1, 52-007 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: Right outside the church
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 15 minutes

Lunch at Chatka przy Jatkach

Stop for your lunch at this quaint local restaurant, serving up delicious Polish fare at super reasonable prices.

The service is quick, and the environment is cozy. Be sure to try the dumplings!

Start time: 12.30 pm
Address: Odrzańska 7, 50-113 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: 1 minute walk from Hansel and Gretel House
Fee: From 9 PLN
Opening hours: Daily 12 pm – 10 pm
Time spent here: 1.5 hour

Stare Jatki

Entrance to Stare Jatki Wroclaw
Entrance to Stare Jatki Wroclaw

Just a nondescript side street in the back alleys of Old Town, it is easily overlooked but that would be a mistake.

Come in here to take a walk back in time, as most of the structures here are from a time past, dating to the 17th and 18th centuries, with some going back to the 13th century!

This short street is now home to a number of artists, where you can find their galleries and get yourself some unique Polish art. 

There is also a souvenir shop here where you can snap up gnomes statues at very reasonable prices, possibly the best we encountered in the entire city.

Check out the cool bronze statues that line the street too, better known as the Memorial to Slaughtered Animals

Although they do look quite cute, they are there to remind us of a time when Stare Jatki was an abattoir, where the animals met their fate.

Start time: 2 pm
Address: Jatki 20, 50-111 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: 1 minute walk from lunch spot
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1 hour

Memorial to Slaughtered Animals

Plac Solny Square

Florists at Plac Solny Wroclaw

It is thought that this square was built most likely in 1242, when the Poles were recovering from the Mongol invasion.

Today, it is home to the Salt Market, and you can find a quaint little corner where florists plies their trade, often operating till the wee hours of the morning.

In fact, do they open 24 hours? We did not manage to find out but it does seem the case.

Nonetheless, come here and see the colourful blooms and nice scents that permeate the air. 

Along the edge of the square is one of our favourite dining spots in Wroclaw, which we will share with you in a bit.

Start time: 3 pm
Address: 15-16, 50 -106, 50-106, Poland
Getting here: 5 minutes walk from Stare Jatki
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1 hour

Explore rest of Old Town then go to a Milk Bar

Before heading to the Milk Bar, spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of Old Town. It is easily walkable, and you can plan your route to head in the direction of the milk bar. 

Not sure what image shows up in your mind when you read Milk Bar, but it is probably not what you think. 

Milk bars are essentially cafeterias popular during the communist period, which serve as the poor man’s food shop.

They were canteens, where people lined up with their trays and bought food for pennies. 

At first, milk was the only thing served here, as the government wanted to encourage people to lose their vodka addiction, but eventually, the proprietors started serving food as well.

After the collapse of communism, bar mleczny, as they were known, quickly ran out of favour and most of them closed. 

There is a handful still found across Poland today, and serves as a throwback to a time best forgotten.

It can be a little intimidating since no one speaks English here and there isn’t really a menu, but just point at what you want and you should do just fine. 

Consider having a drink here as they close at 6 pm (except Sunday). If you want to eat, be sure to arrive earlier.

Our recommendation is Bar Mleczny Mis.

Start time: 4 pm
Address: Kuźnicza 48, 50-120 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: 5 minutes walk from Stare Jatki
Fee: Free
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 6:00pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday 24 hours
Time spent here: 2 hours

2 Days in Wroclaw – Day 2

Hala Targowa

Hala Targowa Wroclaw

Start off day 2 in Wroclaw with a visit to Hala Targowa, the Wroclaw Market Hall. 

Situated beside the Oder River, this uniquely designed building is home to all kinds of merchants selling things such as local produce, fruits and vegetables, and meats.

In the same building, you can also find homewares which you can bring home as a souvenir.

On the ground floor, you can also find some food stalls selling traditional stuff like pierogies and you can pack a coffee before heading off to your next stop.

There’s plenty to see here, and you can take a short stroll outside the market hall along the Oder River before returning for lunch.

Start time: 10 am
Address: Piaskowa 17, 50-359 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: Alight at Hala Targowa tram station
Fee: Free
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 am – 6.30 pm, Closed Sundays
Time spent here: 2 hours

Inside of Hala Targowa Market Hall

Slodowa Island and Cathedral Island

Wroclaw Cathedral Island from a distance
Cathedral Island from a distance
Cathedral of St John the Baptist Wroclaw
Cathedral of St John the Baptist Wroclaw

Did you know that Wroclaw is actually made up of 12 islands? And that there are over 130 bridges all across the city? 

That means that there are many options for you to choose from, but since we are tight on time, we feel that you should check out these two.

On route to Cathedral Island, or Ostrów Tumski, you will pass by Slodowa Island, otherwise known as Malt Island, which is a lovely park and great for outdoor activities.

During summertime, concerts are regularly held here, and this is one of the favourite places for the locals to enjoy a day out in the park.

Cross the Tumski Bridge (Most Tumski), a 19th-century built iron bridge, to get over to Cathedral Island, and you will find yourself in a really special area of the Old Town. 

Surrounded by beautiful cathedrals and the Oder River, we love the fact that you can take a long leisurely walk through this district in relative peace.

While there are tourists here, the numbers are way lesser than in Old Town, and you can take your time to admire the Cathedral of St John the Baptist.

Its design is striking and dominates the skyline of the island. 

Surrounding it are numerous other beautiful churches, and you should not miss out the botanical gardens just north of the island.

Most of the churches are open to the public and open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, but if you have something specific in mind, be sure to check beforehand.

Start time: 1 pm
Address: plac Katedralny 18, 50-329 Wrocław, Poland (Cathedral of St John)
Getting here: 10 minutes walk from Hala Targowa
Fee: Free
Opening hours: Daily 10 am – 5.30 pm
Time spent here: 2 hours

Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice

Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice Wroclaw
Rotunda containing Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice

Head back towards the Old Town by crossing the Pokoju Bridge, and you will find the National Museum on the right.

This is one of our favourite buildings, thanks to its ingenious use of greenery to decorate the facade of a 19th century building.

Across the road, you will gain access to the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice through Park Juliusza Slowackiego.

From the outside, you can see the rotunda that houses the famous painting.

The monumental painting, measuring 15 metres by 114 metres (yes, that is not a typo), was painted to commemorate the Poles’ victory over Russia.

Thanks to special viewing angles and effects, you will feel a sense of reality looking at this mammoth representation of the war.

Ticket prices: 30 PLN per adult

Summer time (April to October): open daily from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Winter time: Closed on Mondays. Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Start time: 1 pm
Address: Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11, 50-155 Wrocław, Poland
Getting here: 12 minutes walk from St John the Baptist
Fee: 30 PLN
Opening hours:
Summer time (April to October): open daily from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Winter time: Closed on Mondays. Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Time spent here: 1 hour

Best places to eat in Wroclaw

Zurek soup in Wroclaw
Zurek soup in Wroclaw

The food in Wroclaw is some of the best we tasted on our Central Europe trip.

You are going to have your fair share of Polish food such as pierogis, bigos, and zurek soup, while also having the chance to taste excellent international cuisines.

Here are our favourites:

  • Jaffa Bar & Market
    • Must eat: Prawn soup and grilled prawns
    • Plac Solny 14, 50-062 Wrocław, Poland
    • Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
      Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 am
  • Pierogarnia Stary Mlyn
    • Must eat: Pierogi
    • Rynek 26, 50-101 Wrocław, Poland
    • Daily 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Konspira
    • Must eat: Any local dishes
    • Plac Solny 11, 50-074 Wrocław, Poland
    • Daily 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

The thing is, we know you are going to find something excellent easily, so we have kept it to our favourite 3 places. 

Food prices at these places are budget-friendly and the food is super delicious!

Need a guided tour to help you out?

While it is pretty easy to get around Wroclaw on your own, a guided tour could be a good option too.

Well-trained and knowledgeable guides will bring you to some of these sights while sharing with you valuable information about each of them.

We usually don’t go on tours, but if we do, we tend to choose walking tours that share intimate knowledge of the history of the place.

Here are a few you can consider.

Will you be visiting Wroclaw?

National Museum in Wroclaw

Frankly, two days in Wroclaw is just nice if you want to have a feel of what the city offers, or maybe you are looking for just a weekend in Wroclaw.

But if you have more time to spare, we encourage you to spend a couple more days here to really soak in Wroclaw and what it offers.

Hopefully, this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary gives you a good idea of what you can do, and helps you out in planning your visit, or maybe your Poland itinerary.

There are more Wroclaw attractions of course, and we have summarised some of them here:

  • Centennial Hall
  • Christmas Markets during winter
  • Wroclaw Museum of Architecture
  • National Museum
  • Hydropolis

So there you go, 2 days in Wroclaw.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions, and be sure to share this on social media and pin this to Pinterest!

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Logistics before visiting Wroclaw Poland

Find cheap flights.
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Find the best accommodation.
Book a place ahead of time to get good rates. has transparent fees and excellent rates. 

Handy travel guide.
For the old school kid in you, get a travel guide book and get lost exploring the city.

Your mobile phone can do a pretty good job, but if you need an upgrade, we recommend the Sony A6000 (US) (International)

Travel insurance.
You don’t need us to teach you to be a responsible adult, do you? Get a quote here.

Planned for you activities in Wroclaw.
Need a guide to show you and your group around? Lots of operators here to choose from here. You know who they are and how they are reviewed. 

More resources to help you.
All other useful travel resources we use when we book our trips.

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