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Car Rentals

We usually try to use public transport to move around, but there are places where driving makes much more sense. 

Road tripping? Traveling with another couple? Wanna try driving a new car?

All checked.

And especially in a country like New Zealand or Croatia, where you have so much more to gain if you can drive and explore the amazing scenery.

To ease the hassle of queuing up with your luggage and waiting at the counter, reserve your desired car model online.

Rentalcars is a great choice that aggregates the options available from a number of car rental companies. We like that it offers full insurance coverage as well, at a lower price than car rental companies to boot too. 


Where should you book your flights at the best rates?

Did you know there are over 5000 airlines in the world? How do you find the best deal then?

For us, we normally start out with Skyscanner, and the best thing about it is that if you do not have anything in mind, try typing in “Everywhere” in the destination bar. You can then choose to view ticket prices by month, or simply select “Cheapest Month”. 

The results are then listed according to the lowest price and the country, which you can further expand to see the cities.

This is the easiest way to find a vacation spot if you do not have anything in mind.

Try out too where you can often get awesome deals across hotels. attractions and flights!

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We search with, as the properties are wide-ranging and well-reviewed. In fact, with over 2.4m properties on its site, and very high ratings and praises, there should be no shortage of accommodation for you to book from.

What we like is the simplicity of the booking process and the massive amount of choices that are offered. Plus, there are many properties that you can reserve first and pay later. This way, you do not need to worry about not securing a place to stay! 

And we appreciate that the final prices are shown, including taxes. It does make it look more expensive, but you will be glad to know that it is typically not. We used to use other sites but got a bit frustrated as the prices become much higher at the checkout page. 

It’s like, come on, we have already made the choice and it fits our budget, then you slap on taxes and fees? Enough said.

Use the tool below for your next vacation!


We found this travel agency, GetYourGuide, when doing some research on an organized tour.

Since then, we noticed that it always has some pretty good deals, so it is definitely worth a look here while planning your activities. 

They have packages all across the world, making it a convenient one-stop shop to look for activities. 

Just like when we got a ticket to visit the viewing platform at Taipei 101. We bought it on the spot for almost 20% off! 

So from getting WiFi routers to Day Passes to attractions, you can surely get yourself a bargain here. 

You can easily access over 50000 activities. Find something suitable for yourself right now!

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Whether it is pre-trip or post-trip gear, you can almost always find it on Amazon. 

Most of our favourite travel items can easily be bought from here, as well as find some great gift ideas for friends and family. 

Click on the icon to start getting your favourite stuff!


With World Nomads, you can usually get a pretty good premium rate for your coverage, as compared to their competitors. 

What’s useful is that you can actually purchase a plan even if you have started travelling, which not all companies allow.

You can also extend the plan during your travels, so for those of you vagabonds, this is great.

Some of our friends swear by it, since it gives one of the best coverages for adventure sports too. 

Although the claim process could be faster, they are still a pretty solid choice to get yourself covered. 

Don’t believe us? Get yourself a quote and see for yourself!


There are some other resources that we use on this blog to keep it running. If you are a website owner, these tools will do so much to help you get going.

They include things like:

  • Designing of our Pinterest pins using Canva
  • Hosting of our site using BlueHost, (or try out A2 Hosting, a faster version with similar pricing) 
  • Buying of domain names with NameCheap, where you can get Domain Privacy Protection for free forever!
  • Doing research on keywords using beginner-friendly KeySearch (use discount code KSDISC for 20% off) or the more advanced SEMRUSH.
  • Creating (in future!) videos with InVideo (Cheap and good)
  • Online learning! So many different classes are available on Skillshare, ranging from creative lessons to productivity, all for one tiny price! 
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