Perfect 3 Days in Warsaw under $60 per day!

Your Perfect 3 Days in Warsaw Itinerary under $60 daily!

3 days in Warsaw itinerary Old Town
Old Town in Warsaw




If you are spending 3 days in Warsaw Poland and you need a travel guide to help you out, then you are in the right place! 

We have perfect 3 days Warsaw itinerary for you, with detailed information about what to do each day, the best areas to stay in Warsaw and all the essential information you need before visiting!

At the end of this itinerary, we will also include a few off the beaten path places to help you mix things up.

Read on to find out what they are!

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  • Useful basics
  • Poland uses the Polish zloty, PLN, and is approximately 3.80 PLN to US1.00
  • Tap water is deemed safe to drink, but avoid due to old plumbing
  • 230V, 50Hz AC, 2 round pin sockets
  • UTC + 1

Things to do in Warsaw : Save to Google Maps

Here is a Google Map that contains all the places covered in this 3 Days in Warsaw  Itinerary. 

It contains 5 layers, one for each day, and the green icons represent the places to eat. The fifth layer shows the recommended places to stay in red.

How to use: Take note you will have to be signed in to your Google Account. 

  • Click on the map below. It will open in a new window. 
  • If you are signed in to your Google account, the map will be automatically saved. 
  • Make sure to do this step so that you can easily refer back to the locations even when you are offline.
  • Next time, simply open up Google Maps again and find this map under “Your Places” –> “Maps”.

Expert tip: Be sure to download offline maps in Google Maps when you have an internet connection. You might not have data or access to WiFi, and the offline version will come in super handy.

google maps warsaw itinerary

Background about Warsaw

Warsaw is likely one of the first places where visitors arrive into Poland, since it is the Polish capital and gateway to other cities. It didn’t used to be like that, as it took over as capital from Krakow in 1596, setting it on its path to becoming the largest city of Poland.

Known locally as Warszawa, the capital city has had a chequered past, and was the subject of intentional destruction by the Nazis during World War II which destroyed it almost entirely. 

However, the resilient Poles went into rebuild mode after the war, and amazingly restored the former city centre to its former self, mostly by taking references from old paintings! It thus earned itself a nickname, the Phoenix City. 

While it is not 100% the same, it is still an incredible achievement, and Warsaw today is a vibrant and modern city that still has a strong connection to its past.

Here’s a couple of interesting facts about Warsaw you might not know: 

  • There are more than 100 churches and monuments in Warsaw alone
  • Warsaw is the home of the first female Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie
  • The city is split into 2 by the Vistula River, somewhat like Budapest

How many days in Warsaw?

Marie Curie Statue Warsaw
Marie Curie Statue

If you are planning a trip around Poland, you might be on a tight schedule. 

In this case, 2 full days is sufficient, but we strongly encourage you to spend at least three days in Warsaw, to be able to experience more of what the capital city can offer.

This gives you the right amount of time to walk around its historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as try out the best food and culture scene it has to offer. And of course, you need to spend some time outdoors, as there is a beautiful nature park right in the middle of it!

And if your plans include Wroclaw and Krakow, be sure to check our articles on them!

When we visited Warsaw, we were able to spend enough time to get around the city and explore difference facets of life here, and we encourage you to do the same too, rather than visiting the Old Town only. 

Getting to Warsaw

By Bus

Lots of buses arrive in Warsaw from neighbouring cities, and most if not all will end up stopping at Warsaw West Bus Station. 

From here, it is possible to get around easily by bus, train or trams. 

If you are connecting to the regional trains, here is where you will find Warsaw Zachodnia train station. 

By Train

There are 3 stations in Warsaw to cater for train arrivals, and they are

  • Warsaw Centralna
  • Warsaw Zachodnia
  • Warsaw Wschodnia

All 3 are well located around the city and well connected by public transport.

You should check online for prices, and possibly snag a good rate if you book well in advance. 

The main trains that arrives here in Warsaw are:

  • PKP
  • Intercity

By Air

Since Warsaw is the capital city, it is very well connected, especially to the major cities in the region. 

Coming by air is one of the most popular choices, as there are lots of cheap budget flights from all over Europe, and international airlines will make this its main stop in Poland. 

You will find yourself landing in Chopin Airport (WAW), which is the international airport, and it is conveniently located only 10 km out of the city edge.

There is another airport, the Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI), which sits further away and caters mainly to budget flights from Ryanair. 

Be sure to check the airport codes properly before booking your tickets!

Transfers to City Center

By Bus

The city center is well connected with the airport by a few bus services. 

Consider using the following bus services:

  • Line 175 (goes to Old Town), starts at 4.27 am and ends at 10.58 pm
  • Line 148 (goes to southern and eastern part of Warsaw), starts at 4.34 am and ends at  10.35 pm.
  • Line 188 (night service), 11.18 pm to 4.47 am
  • Line N32 (night service), 11.15 pm to 4.49 am

The price is accordingly to public fares, and is as follows: (be sure to validate your ticket when you board the bus)

  • 20-minute ticket: PLN 3.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (75 minutes): PLN 4.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (90 minutes): PLN 7.00
  • Single-fare transfer group ticket: PLN 22.00
  • One-day ticket: PLN 15.00
  • 3-day ticket: PLN 36.00
  • Weekend ticket: PLN 24.00

Take note that luggage is free to carry on.

By Train

Within the airport, you can also find regional train services that can take you to Warsaw Central Station. 

Here are the 3 different lines you can take:

  • S2
  • S3
  • RL

This is a good way to get around as the seats are comfortable and there are more luggage space available. 

Prices are the same as above. 

Trains run every 15 minutes and takes about half an hour to reach the city center.

By Taxi or Uber

If you intend the use the taxi service, be sure to use only those that are queueing in the taxi line, and not follow touts who promise you low fares or something else.

There are a few dependable taxi companies you can choose from:

  • Ele Taxi
  • Sawa Taxi
  • Super Taxi

Prices for taxi is typically around 40 PLN to get to the city. 

If you wish to use Uber, just take note of the pick up location indicated in the app. The price is very reasonable, usually not costing more than 25 PLN to get to the Old Town.

By Car

If you live in Europe, you can consider a road trip to Warsaw, or you can consider renting a car when you arrive in the city.

We prefer to use as the rates are generally quite low, and we especially like the fact that we can get full insurance coverage along with the booking. 

Compare that to getting insurance from the car rental company directly, you will save a bomb here.

I want to rent a car!

By Private Transfer

If you are in a group and prefer to have some comfort, consider using a private transfer. The operator uses high quality cars or mini vans and can accommodate up to 3 persons easily. 

This service is also ideal if you wish to be dropped off directly at your doorstep, plus the driver is there to welcome you upon arrival. There’s even WiFi in the car!

We usually go for this service if we arrive after a long flight, and we have a couple of heavy luggage. 

Having an extra pair of hands certainly helps!

I want a private transfer!

Getting around Warsaw

Vintage car in Warsaw Poland
Vintage car in Warsaw

Warsaw is really accessible, thanks to a wide network of buses, metro and trams operated by ZTM. 

All 3 services use the same ticketing system, so they are interchangeable. 

Remember to get the right type of ticket: for example, if you know your journey will take more than 20 minutes, please do not buy the 20 minutes ticket. 

As a reminder, here are the ticket prices again:

  • 20-minute ticket: PLN 3.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (75 minutes): PLN 4.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (90 minutes): PLN 7.00
  • Single-fare transfer group ticket: PLN 22.00
  • One-day ticket: PLN 15.00
  • 3-day ticket: PLN 36.00
  • Weekend ticket: PLN 24.00

Which is the best area to stay in Warsaw?

There are a few main areas we would recommend that you stay in, as they offer the most convenience and access to the places covered in this itinerary.

Here are our recommended hotels: 

These prices are only estimates, and our advice is to check out prices as early as possible during your trip planning to secure the lowest prices. 

We like to use as they often have options to book without payment, and has a long cancellation period for you to mull over your choice.

After checking out many booking comparison sites, we find them to consistently offer the lowest prices. 

Plus, once you unlock Genius status, you get extra discounts on your reservations. 

Plus, if you book through our site, we get a small commission to support the site while you still enjoy the same low rates!

Use this widget if you don’t like the ones above.

How much does it cost to visit Warsaw?

Here’s a simple 3 days in Warsaw budget breakdown:

  • Accommodation: 300 PLN, twin sharing
  • Food: 60 PLN, 2 meals, breakfast in hotel
  • Transport: 12 PLN
  • Total per person per day: 222 PLN, or US$57

Warsaw Itinerary 3 days: 1 Day in Warsaw

Hala Mirowska

Hala Mirowska 3 days in Warsaw
Hala Mirowska

We begin our trip with a visit to an unexpected place: Hala Mirowska

It is a red brick building that houses one of the oldest market halls in Warsaw, and has its fair share of crazy history. A fire raged through the building but it survived somehow, and temporarily served as a bus depot at one time. 

Having been a victim of the Warsaw Uprising, you can still see bullet holes in its walls today.

We came here because this is where you can see the real Warsaw, a place where locals come to get their produce, or buy flowers along the road side, or simply head inside for a nice hot meal. 

There is a small building that is connected to it, the Hala Gwardii, where it has turned into a hip modern hall that sells meats and local food, amongst a bunch of vendors offering international cuisine. 

Hala Gwardii

Start time: 8.00 am
Address: plac Mirowski 1, 00-138 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Short walk over from Rondo ONZ metro
Fee: Free to enter, pay for food and drinks
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 7 am – 6 pm, Saturday, 7 am – 3 pm, closed on Sundays
Time spent here: 1 hour

Ogrod Saski, Saxon Garden

Kids playing in Saxon Park
Pond in Saxon Park Warsaw
Unknown Soldiers Grave Warsaw
Saxon Gardens Fountain

After settling your breakfast at Mirowska, take a walk past the small Park Mirowski towards Ogrod Saski, a lush green park that contains some cool Baroque style statutes and fountain. 

Along the way, you will catch a glimpse of some monuments, which as we mentioned earlier there are plenty in Warsaw. You will walk pass the Lubomirski Palace, and shortly after coming across the Kosciuszko Monument.

Take some time to wander around the park, where you will find many local families out and about to spend time outdoors.

At the other side of the park, you will reach the Unknown Soldier’s Grave, which was erected to commemorate the fallen Polish soldiers during World War I.

There is a changing of guards that takes place every hour, and we encourage you to be respectful when visiting. Do not block the way or get too close to the soldiers like some jokers we saw when we were there. 

Once you walk pass the grave, you will find yourself in Pilsudski Square. When we were there, exhibitions were put up along the main sidewalk that relates the story of Warsaw and the atrocities of war time. 

It was sobering and informative, a real life history text book for all to see. 

Start time: 9.30 am
Address: Marszałkowska, 00-102 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 15 minutes walk from Hala Mirowska
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1 hour

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Old Town of Warsaw, Royal Route Warsaw

Roman Church of the Visitants Warsaw
Presidential Palace Warsaw

Head straight on out of Ogrod Saski, towards Krakowskie Przedmiescie street, which forms the Royal Route with Nowy Swiat in the olden days. 

The Warsaw Royal Route was the passage where the king and his royal family took to reach the Royal Castle. Along the way, you will be treated to a wide range of beautiful monuments, grand buildings and elegant churches. 

From here, we suggest taking a right turn first before later taking a u-turn back to the heart of the Old Town and the Royal Castle.

Most of the places we have listed here are open to public, but for the regal Presidential Palace, you will need to make arrangements with office. The contact we found was

Take reference from the map above, as there are a number of spots we have marked out that you should not miss:

  • Roman Catholic Church of the Visitants
  • Pałac Czetwertyńskich-Uruskich (huge stone gate that serves as the entrance to the University)
  • Church of the Holy Cross, where the heart of Fryderyk Chopin is stored
  • Nicolaus Copernicus Monument
  • Carmelite Church
  • Monument of Adam Mickiewicz

While walking along this historic street, you can observe how excellent those who rebuilt Warsaw were. Not a detail was left out, and thanks to them, we still have a chance to marvel at these medieval architecture. 

Start time: 10.30 am
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 5 minutes walk from Unknown Soldiers Grave
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1 – 2 hours

Lunch at GOŚCINIEC Polskie Pierogi

The truth is, pricing around the Old Town district is going to be higher than regular places, but we found this gem along the boulevard. 

Come here for the delicious pierogis and other traditional selections. 

The sprightly interior certainly adds a punch to the excellent fares served here. 

Start time: 12.30 pm
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 29, 00-071 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Along Krakowskie Przedmieście
Fee: From 20 PLN
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11 am – 10.30 pm, Friday and Saturday, 11 am – 11 pm
Time spent here: 1 hour

St Anne’s Church

Before you reach the Royal Castle, stop by St. Anne’s Church (Kosciol Swietej Anny), and if you have the energy to climb up 150 steps, you can do so in the second bell tower of St Anne’s, Taras Widokowy

Here, you will find the best view in Warsaw, allowing you to see the entire Old Town and far beyond it.

Also, you can tell that this church stands out from the other buildings in the area as it has a Neoclassical facade, and when you step in, you will find Baroque style interior with a number of chapels. Intricate frescoes adorn its ceilings.

Start time: 1.45 pm
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 68, 00-322 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 2 minutes walk from lunch location
Fee: Free, 6 PLN to climb the tower
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm, Sunday, 10am – 7 pm
Time spent here: 30 minutes

Warsaw Castle Square

Sigismunds Column Warsaw
Sigismunds Column in Castle Square

This huge Castle Square that sits right in front of the Royal Castle is where you can find the towering Sigismund’s Column, a monument created to remember King Sigismund III.

He was the brave king who moved the capital from Krakow over to Warsaw. 

At this square, you will notice lots of people gathered around here, appreciating the colourful buildings surrounding it or heading towards the Royal Castle. 

Start time: 2.15 pm
Address: plac Zamkowy, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 2 minutes walk from St Anne’s Church
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 30 minutes

The Royal Castle in Warsaw

Royal Castle in Warsaw
View from Royal Castle Warsaw

The Royal Castle functioned as the official residence of a number of kings throughout Poland’s history.

While it does not look as grand or opulent as many of the castles around Europe, once you step inside, it gives way to a stunning display of exquisite state rooms, such as the Jagiellonian rooms and the Royal Apartments, plus a rich collection of art pieces. 

Venture within the five sided courtyard and make your way to the garden at the back of the building, where you can get a good view of the Vistula River roaring below the hill side.

Bear in mind, this castle was completely destroyed during the war, and although what we are seeing today is a replica, the grandiosity effect is clear.

You can go in for free, but do take note there are several ticketed options such as guided tours and access to exhibits. Check out more on the official website

Start time: 2.15 pm
Address: plac Zamkowy 4, 00-277 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Same area as the Castle Square
Fee: Free to enter, tickets for certain activities
Opening hours: Typically 10 am – 6 pm, but check website for exact times
Time spent here: 1.5 hours

Old Town Market Square

Old Town Market Square Warsaw
Old Town Market Square in Warsaw

For the rest of the afternoon, consider finishing up the Old Town by heading towards the Old Town Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta). 

Along the way, you will pass by Cathedral of St John the Baptist and a number of other monuments, and be sure to wander along the charming side streets of the Old Town. You can easily circumvent the entire area and try not to miss out the Warsaw Barbican, which is one of the few remaining structures from medieval past. 

Piwna Street is really lovely to explore, and it’s a good time for you to take a short break for some local snacks like the zapiekanka. 

The Old Town Market Square is a great place to hang out, relax and do a little bit of shopping. At the center of the square, you will notice a famous Warsaw landmark, the sword wielding Mermaid. 

Start time: 4 pm
Address: rynek Starego Miasta, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 3 minutes walk from Royal Castle
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1 – 2 hours

Dinner at Folk Gospoda

Folk Gospoda 3 days in Warsaw
Folk Gospoda exterior Warsaw

Yes, you will need to travel out of Old Town, but we assure you it is worth it. 

Located not far from Hala Mirowska, Folk Gospoda is one of the best traditional Polish restaurants around. 

The ambience is excellent, a rustic style that resembles an inn from back in the days. 

The food is delicious, and while the spoken English of the staff is not quite on par, they spare no effort to make you feel comfortable. Menus are available in English though, so you will have no problems finding something to suit your palate. 

You can take a tram from Old Town, but our advice is to hop onto an Uber ride. It is reasonably priced, and we bet your legs are aching by now!

Folk Gospoda interior
Folk Gospoda interior

Start time: 6.15 pm
Address: Waliców 13, 00-865 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Uber from Old Town
Fee: From 16 PLN
Opening hours: 12 pm – 12 midnight daily
Time spent here: 1 – 2 hours

Drinks at Sphinx Restaurant

We know you must be dog tired by now, but if you are up for drinks, we want to share a great place nearby. 

It belongs to a chain of restaurants, and while the food is ok and the drinks are fairly typical, what we liked was the hospitality of the restaurant manager there. 

He was chatty, helpful and informative, making us thoroughly enjoy our time there. 

Prices are very reasonable, and it is generally quite peaceful after dinner hour.  

Start time: 8 pm
Address: al. Jana Pawła II 27, 00-867 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 8 minutes walk from Folk Gospoda
Fee: From 8 PLN for drinks
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 8.30 am – 11 pm, Friday, 8.30 am – 12 midnight, Saturday, 10.30 am – 12 midnight, Sunday 10.30 am to 11 pm
Time spent here: Depends on how much you drink!

3 days in Warsaw Itinerary: Day 2

Hala Koszyki

Hala Koszyki Warsaw
Hala Koszyki Warsaw

The start of the second day brings you to another kind of market from Minowska, where a more modern take it in place. 

Home to a few dozen independent bistros, you can also shop in one of the fresh produce grocers that are strewn across the 3 levels of this market hall that is over 100 years old.

Come here for a light breakfast to start your day and be sure to have a look around at the wonderful food on offer here. 

Hala Koszyki has become a very popular spot for young professionals, and seats fill up quickly. If you are returning anytime for a meal, be sure to come early to snag a table.

Start time: 9 am
Address: Koszykowa 63, 00-667 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 8 minutes walk from Politechnika Metro
Fee: From 10 PLN
Opening hours: Daily 9 am – 12 midnight
Time spent here: 1 hour

Park Ujazdowski

Park Ujazdowski Warsaw
Park Ujazdowski Warsaw

We first reach Park Ujazdowski to kickstart the next few hours venturing around the parks. 

It is relatively small, but that also means lesser crowds and almost the entire place to yourself. 

Take a walk along the main tree lined boulevard and side track to walk along the pond. Although the trails are not the most well maintained you will find around, we like it as it feels more natural, something that is usually missing in a big city park.

Tip: Bring along a picnic mat and basket of light snacks!

Start time: 10 am
Address: al. Ujazdowskie 6, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 15 minutes walk from Hala Koszyki
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 45 minutes

Lazienki Royal Park

Frederic Chopin Monument Warsaw
Lazienki Park sign

Crossing the bridge from Ujazdowski, you will enter the enormous landscape of Lazienki Park, which is the largest in Warsaw. 

It is uncommon to have such a big park in the middle of the capital city, and Warsaw has definitely done right with Lazienki, providing its residents and visitors an outlet to be in nature. 

Within this elegant park, also known as Royal Baths Park, you will find lots of green spaces to call your own, and as you wander deeper into the park, be sure not to miss these out:

Chopin Monument, an ode to the famous musician, basking gloriously in the sun in behind a pond. There are beach chairs lying around the pond where you can relax and enjoy your picnic.

Wodozbior, a water tower that was used to supply water to the park. 

The Royal Theatre and Old Orangery, a stately looking building used to stage concerts and has a beautiful garden up front.

Palace on the Isle, a lovely small Palace that sits on an artificial island, with gorgeous views out into the lake.

Theatre on the Island, a Roman style outdoors theatre that was modelled after the Herculaneum in Pompeii. Although you probably won’t be watching a play here, you can still admire its unique design.

When you are almost done with your visit here, we suggest that you walk north towards Rozbrat street, for that is where you can either catch an Uber or bus to the next destination.

Theatre on the Isle Warsaw
Palace on the Isle surrounds

Start time: 10.45 am
Address: al. Ujazdowskie 6, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 2 minutes walk from Park Ujazdowski
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 2 hours

Lunch at Restaurant Zaścianek

We hope you are hungry by now, as we head over to the lunch spot not far from the Palace of Culture and Science.

Restaurant Zaścianek is a tiny, well priced Polish restaurant in a rustic setting (Yes, another one! We really like them!) that serves up large portions of super yummy food.

We would recommend that you try out the homemade apple pie if you still have room after your main course!

Start time: 1.30 pm
Address: Nowogrodzka 40, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Uber, take bus 171 from Rozbrat Street
Fee: From 20 PLN
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 2 pm – 10 pm, Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Time spent here: 1 hour

Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw Day
Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw Night
Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw Night

We have kind of mixed feelings about this “Palace”, which holds the honour of the tallest building in Warsaw. 

If you didn’t know before, this was a gift from Stalin, the Soviet leader. 

Many Varsovians have negative feelings about it, since they suffered during the Soviet rule, while some others look at it as a symbol of Warsaw. 

To us, as an architectural piece, it does look quite grand, but gives off a vibe that only Soviet era buildings can.

Whichever way you feel about it, you should still check it out yourself and spend an hour or two here exploring it. If you fancy, head up to the 30th floor observatory for an unparalleled view of the Warsaw skyline.

Start time: 2.45 pm
Address: plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 8 minutes walk from Restaurant Zascianek
Fee: Free; 20 PLN to access the viewing platform
Opening hours: Daily 10 am – 10 pm; Viewing platform 10 am – 8 pm
Time spent here: 1.5 hours

Nowy Swiat

Hidden street off Nowy Swiat
Hidden street off Novy Swiat

With some shopping out of the way, it is time to head down to the other end of the Royal Way, Nowy Swiat Street.

Here, you will find numerous small shops and chic restaurants that line the street, and it is the perfect place to sit down and grab a drink.

There is a good chance you might encounter some street performers here too; they just add to the liveliness and bustle of Nowy Swiat.

We recommend that you stray off the main street to a place where mostly locals hang out. It is not easy to find if you do not know where to look, and there are around a dozen bars here that you can hang out. Either take the side street along Foksal or enter from Smolna. 

An alternative spot if you like craft beer is at PiwPaw Beer Heaven, where there is an extensive selection on tap. We lost count! Prices are fairly steep, but well worth it if you are a beer lover. 

Foksal 16, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

Start time: 4.30 pm
Address: Nowy Świat, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 13 minutes walk from Palace of Culture and Science; Tram service 7, 9, 22, 24, 25 to Muzeum Narodowe 05 station
Fee: Free
Opening hours: Depends on individual shops, typically starts from 10 am
Time spent here: 1.5 hours

Dinner at Restauracja Sloik

Take a short walk in the direction of the Palace of Culture and Science and you will reach a shopping and dining street.

Our dinner spot Sloik, is a modern and casual take on Polish cuisine, mixed in with funky decor and ultra friendly staff. They do serve a good variety of burgers and quick bites as well. 

Take your seat on the ground floor for a more bistro vibe, while the upper level feels more like a typical restaurant. 

Start time: 6.30 pm
Address: Złota 11, 00-019 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 10 minutes walk from Nowy Swiat
Fee: From 12 PLN
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 midnight, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am – 12 midnight
Time spent here: 1.5 hours

Day 3 of Warsaw

Praga neighbourhood

Street art in Praga Warsaw

It is quite well known that Praga has been an undesirable area to visit, and quite often you will come across forums or similar sites saying that you should give it a miss. 

We decided to take the chance and explore it nonetheless, and came away feeling quite pleased we did. 

In general, we feel that as long as you exercise some common sense and not carry too many valuable items on you, then you should be able to do well in most places.

The truth about Praga from our point of view is that it is not as intimidating as it sounds, and in fact is becoming a hipster style neighbourhood. 

There are plenty of quirky cafes and shops to explore, and while it is gritty, there is a certain charm to it.

Get your breakfast fix at Pyzy Flaki Gorace, where you can enjoy authentic Polish food served in cute mason jars. 

Start time: 9 am
Address: Brzeska 29/31, 03-739 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Metro to Dworzec Wileński
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1.5 hours

Park Skaryszewski

Park Skaryszewski​

Heading southwards from Brzeska and passing over the Swietokrzyski Bridge, you will reach this really nice park with a pleasing lake setting. 

Take your adventure onto the water and rent a kayak to explore further. 

The Skaryszewski park is actually pretty big, and you can find lots of empty spaces to chill out and admire the scenery. 

On Saturday morning, there is a park run where many like minded people come together for a friendly jog and hang out with each other!

Start time: 11 am
Address: aleja Waszyngtona, 00-999 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 20 minutes walk from Brzeska
Fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Time spent here: 1.5 hours

Lunch at Fenicja

Fancy Lebanese food? Then there is no way you can miss out Fenicja.

They serve excellent kebabs, and wash that down with an ice cold beer.

What more can be said about that?

Start time: 12.30 pm
Address: Francuska 41, 03-905 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 5 minutes walk from Park Skaryszewski
Fee: From 12 PLN
Opening hours: Daily 9 am – 12 midnight
Time spent here: 1 hour

Francuska Street

Francuska 30 Cafe and Bar

Nestled in the district of Saska Kepa, Francuska is a lovely tree lined street that is home to many cafes, bistros and trendy bars.

As a neighbourhood for the affluent, you can see a much different side of Warsaw, and contrast that with Praga. 

Some of the houses here are from the 1920s, and their styling lends an air of aristocracy to Francuska. 

We recommend having a beverage at Francuska 30 Cafe & Bar, a quaint joint with excellent service and drinks to boot. 

Start time: 1.30 pm
Address: Francuska 30, 03-905 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 5 minutes walk from Fenicja
Fee: From 6 PLN
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 10 pm, Friday, 8 am – 11 pm, Saturday, 9 am – 11 pm, Sunday, 9 am to 10 pm
Time spent here: 1 hour

The National Museum in Warsaw

This is one of several excellent museums in Warsaw, as well as being one of the oldest, and it houses the best Polish and international art pieces that spans from medieval to modern. 

Very well organised and containing lots of exhibits over 4 floors, it is easily comparable to some of the other well known museums across the world. 

Besides the regular exhibits, the National Museum from time to time has temporary exhibitions too, showcasing both local and global art.

Start time: 3 pm
Address: al. Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: Take tram service 117 from Francuska, alight at PKP Powiśle 02. 4 minutes walk to the museum. 
Fee: 20 – 25 PLN
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm, till 8 pm on Thursday; Closed on Monday
Time spent here: 2 – 3 hours

Dinner at UKI UKI Ramen

Look at that thick broth!

Our final stop in Warsaw is dinner at UKI UKI, a joint specialising in authentic Japanese ramen.

We found it as we had a ramen craving, and were well satisfied by the food here. You should expect it to be packed, as this is probably one of the best ramen shops here in Warsaw. 

The service is quick though, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a table quickly. 

You can tell that they make their own noodles, something very rare in Poland, and the soup has been cooked for hours, thus you can be guaranteed of the familiar Japanese umami taste.

Start time: 6 pm
Address: Krucza 23/31, 00-520 Warszawa, Poland
Getting here: 10 – 15 minutes walk from National Museum
Fee: From 33 PLN
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 12 pm – 9 pm, Sunday 12 pm – 8 pm
Time spent here: 1 hour

Guided Warsaw Tours

If you prefer to go on an organised tour where everything is planned out for you, there are plenty of options available. We want to recommend a few that we like here. 

  • Private tour of Lazienki Park with cruise

Take a private tour of Lazienki Park

  • For party people

Warsaw Crawl

  • For classical music lovers

Chopin concert in Old Town

  • Day trip to Auschwitz Birkenau

Visit Auschwitz Birkenau

City Travel Essentials

  1. While WiFi is readily available in Warsaw, you can opt to have your own coverage and stay connected to the internet with a mobile router
  2. Be sure you are covered by travel insurance. This is top on our essentials list when we travel and there has been so many times our ass was saved thanks to it. We recommend World Nomads. You can even buy it when your trip has started!
  3. Book your hotel room over at, where we have found to offer one of the most competitive rates everywhere we travel. 
  4. Get a good camera. We like to use our phones, but a good camera can make a lot of difference without taking much space. Try the Sony A6000
  5. Poland Guidebook so that you can learn a lot more than other people, plus keep you entertained while you put your phone down, or on a super long flight.

Warsaw Itinerary: Is it Worth Visiting? Alternative activities

It is definitely worth spending a few days in Warsaw, as it is fascinating to see how the new age mixes in with its historical parts. 

Some naysayers will complain that it is quite boring, but judging by the activities we have shared here, you can see that spending 3 days in Warsaw is well worth your time. 

In fact, there are several interesting and off the beaten path activities that we know of, but are not able to put it in here. You can consider using the following to swap out some of the places above too:

  • POLIN Museum, also know as Museum of the History of Polish Jews, modern museum that covers the history of Polish Jews, located in Jewish Ghetto
  • Jewish Quarter, the area where Polish Jews lived during the war time, where you can pay respects at the Jewish cemetery and see the remains of the 10 foot wall surrounding the Ghetto
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum, dedicated to Warsaw’s fight for independence in the 40s
  • Ogród Krasińskich, or Krasinski Palace Gardens, a public park with beautifully manicured greenery
  • University of Warsaw Library, where you should head up to the rooftop garden for a great view of the city
  • Chopin Museum, dedicated to the great Polish composer
  • Copernicus Science Centre, take part in science experiments right here!

So there you have it, and we think you will have a great time there. What do you think of this Warsaw 3 day itinerary? Will you be visiting Warsaw soon?

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Logistics before visiting Warsaw Poland

Find cheap flights.
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Find the best accommodation.
Book a place ahead of time to get good rates. has transparent fees and excellent rates. 

Handy travel guide.
For the old school kid in you, get a travel guide book and get lost exploring the city.

Your mobile phone can do a pretty good job, but if you need an upgrade, we recommend the Sony A6000 (US) (International)

Travel insurance.
You don’t need us to teach you to be a responsible adult, do you? Get a quote here.

Planned for you activities in Warsaw.
Need a guide to show you and your group around? Lots of operators here to choose from here. You know who they are and how they are reviewed. 

More resources to help you.
All other useful travel resources we use when we book our trips.

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