Where is the best place to stay in Vienna Austria? 9 Districts Explored!​

Where is the best place to stay in Vienna Austria? 9 Best Districts in Vienna Explored!

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Vienna Austria has been named the best place to live in the world for 10 years straight, and that means there is only 1 city on the nomination list or simply the fact that Vienna is pretty awesome! Vienna is rich in history and home to some stunning palaces, plus Austrian food is always a delight!

As guests to the city, we don’t stay there long term, but we are sure you want to find the best hotels in Vienna.

In this culturally rich and historical city, how do you decipher where to stay then? Especially if you are first time visitors?

We are going to make it easy for you in this post, so let’s dive into the neighbourhoods and find the best area to stay in Vienna Austria!

Getting around Vienna

best place to stay in vienna

Getting around Vienna is really easy, as the city has built up an effective and efficient public transport network. 

Whether you choose to use the subway, buses or trams, it is important to plan in advance your itinerary so that you know if you need a day pass or not. 

While transport is easy and convenient, each ticket (regardless of transport type) costs €1.70, which can quickly add up if you use it often. 

The ticket can be purchased at tabac (tobacco) shops, or on the transport itself, which will cost €2 instead. 

The same ticket is good for a one way trip, regardless of the number of transfers you use. 

For example, if you visit the Schonbrunn Palace from the city center and use a variety to public transport such as train and tram and bus, your ticket is good for the entire journey.

If you are running around a fair bit, and you intend to visit attractions, then consider getting a Vienna Card, which covers one or more days of transport fees plus discounts to over 210 attractions.

The price of the Vienna Card is only €17 for 24 hours. 

I want the Vienna Card

How do you tell which district is it in Vienna?

While doing your searches for things to do in Vienna, you might be thinking you want to group those places according to their districts to determine the best areas to stay in Vienna.

Well, it is pretty simple. 

As you will find out in details later, there are 23 districts in Vienna. 

Let’s go over a bit on Vienna Austria zip codes. 

The way to tell which district a place belongs to is by looking at the postal code, which is a 4 digit number, starting with 1 and ending with 0. 

The digits in between tells you which district it is, for example 1040, which means district 4. 

When out on the streets, do not get confused by the street signs. 

  • If you see a number beside the street name, that indicates the district. 
  • If you see a number on top of the street name, that indicates the unit number.
Vienna house sign
Example of a unit number, not district number

Where to stay in Vienna? Save to Google Maps

Here is a Google Map that contains all the recommended hotels in Vienna.

It contains 10 layers, one for each district, and the last one for honourable mentions.

How to use: Take note you will have to be signed in to your Google Account. 

  • Click on the map below. It will open in a new window.
  • If you are signed in to your Google Account, it will be saved automatically. 
  • Make sure to do this step so that you can easily refer back to the locations even when you are offline.
  • Next time, simply open up Google Maps again and find this map under “Your Places” –> “Maps”.

Expert tip: Be sure to download offline maps in Google Maps when you have an internet connection. You might not have data or access to WiFi, and the offline version will come in super handy.

google maps where to stay in vienna austria
Best area to stay in Vienna as a tourist

Vienna Districts (Bezirke): Best District to Stay in Vienna

When we first travelled to Vienna, we found it kind of drab. Maybe it had to do with the weather, as it was gloomy and the old buildings certainly did nothing to add to its charm.

However, after spending some time here, we found that this was not necessarily the case. You should check out our 2 day Vienna Itinerary here.

You will find that there is something different on offer in each of the districts of Vienna, and where you stay will determine in great part your accessibility.

Vienna is divided into 23 districts, but for this article, we will be focusing on districts 1 to 9 only. 

These are the most suitable for visitors to the city, and offers the most in terms of things to do as well as convenience.

Read on to find a breakdown of the districts and the best area in Vienna to stay in.

Take note that all these Vienna hotels we recommend comes with free WiFi and and for 2 travellers, with ensuite bathrooms.

District 1: Innere Stadt

This is the center of the city, or inner city, and that means the most convenience and also higher prices. 

Don’t let that scare you off though, as there is so much on offer here is the first district.

The Innere Stadt is surrounded by Ringstrasse, which is a large ring shaped road, and the Old Town of Vienna is contained within.

It is here where you will find most of the attractions, such as the Rathaus, St Stephensplatz, and the Vienna State Opera. 

The Old Town is also where Austria has one of its UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Read on for our recommendations of hotels in Innere Stadt Vienna. 

Budget hotel option

City Stay Vienna Lugeck, €90 per night

Why stay here: 

This property is right in the heart of Vienna Old Town, and is only 300 metres away from the iconic St Stephen’s Cathedral. Location is its best virtue. 

Book City Stay Vienna Lugeck here

Mid Range hotel option

Hotel de France Wien, €140 per night

Why stay here: 

Superb location, plus easy access to the subway which is only 50 metres away from the hotel. Comes with a good breakfast. Spacious rooms.

Book Hotel de France Wien here

Luxury hotel option

Vienna Marriott Hotel

Vienna Marriott Hotel, €200 per night

Why stay here: 

Top location in Vienna, lovely garden cafe, very comfortable and large beds. Many of the top places to visit in Vienna such as the Vienna Opera House, St Stephen’s Cathedral and the shopping streets are within 10 minutes walk. 

Book Vienna Marriott Hotel here

District 2: Leopoldstadt

The second district is one of the best location to stay in Vienna, as it is still a central part of the city and is conveniently located right beside District 1.

What we like about this district is that the fact that it is less crowded than its popular neighnbour, and is actually much closer to the water. By that we mean the Danube river, which is a wonderful place to explore.

Not forgetting District 2 is also home to the vintage ferris wheel, and the world famous Prater park.

Budget hotel option

Meininger Hotel Wien Downtown Franz, €85 per night

Why stay here: 

While it is a small hotel, and doubles up as a hostel, the rooms are very stylish and comfortable, not forgetting the fact that hotel is very close to the metro.

If you wish to get around Vienna in bikes, the hotel reception arranges that too.

Book Meininger Hotel Wien here

Mid Range hotel option

Hotel Prater Vienna, €150 per night

Why stay here:

Located in a quiet spot and well equipped, this hotel is ideal for you if you want to explore Prater. 

The service level of this hotel is maintained at a high level, not something we can say about everywhere in Austria, if you know what we mean. 

Another plus point is that the subway station Praterstern is only a 5 minutes walk away.

Book Hotel Prater Vienna here

Luxury hotel option

so vienna

SO/Vienna, €240 per night

Why stay here: 

We think that Sofitel hardly puts a wrong foot forward everywhere they go, and this property in Vienna is no exception.

The views you get in here are the best you can get in Vienna, and the hotel is beautifully designed and packed with amenities. 

There is a spa to relax in, and each room is filled with complimentary water and juices, as well as Nespresso machines.

The amount of luxury you get is worth every penny.

At this rate, the SO/Vienna is a steal.

Book SO/Vienna here

District 3: Landstraße

Situated on the southeastern side of Inner Stadt, Landstraße or Country Road, is well known for being the district of the Belvedere castle and gardens.

This is also the cultural heart of the city, and is where locals live and hang out. 

Compared to district 1 and 2, this is the best place to meet locals and get a vibe of a real neighbourhood in Vienna. 

Location wise, the subway and trains can easily take you into the city centre within 10 to 20 minutes, so for a budget friendlier location, you should consider District 3. 

One of the popular shopping malls, the Wien Mitte, is also found here.

Budget hotel option

Hotel Daniel Vienna, €95 per night

Why stay here:

Very well designed rooms, cozy and comfortable.

The hotel has a restaurant that uses ingredients from its own garden, and the food is delicious.

Something unique to Daniel is the beehives that populate its rooftop, which has been used to produce honey based products. 

A tram stop is only 2 minutes walk away.

Book Hotel Daniel Vienna here

Mid Range hotel option

mercure grand hotel biedermeier wien
Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier Wien

Hotel Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier Wien, €150 per night

Why stay here:

This hotel is located close to the border of District 1, hence making it really easy to walk to most of the sights there. The train station is only 150 metres away, giving you quick access to all parts of the city.

Housed in a classical building, it is one of the best value for money hotel in Vienna in our opinion.

Book Hotel Mercure Grand Hotel here

Luxury hotel option

Intercontinental Wien, €230 per night

Why stay here:

The rooms are furnished in a classical Viennese style, and beds are very comfortable and cozy.

What stands out is the facade of the building and its location, where the subway is right next door. 

At the higher levels, you get to enjoy beautiful views across the city 

Book Intercontinental Wien here

District 4: Wieden

While this is one of the smaller districts in Vienna, it is really charming and is home to the Naschmarkt and the Karlsplatz, one of our favourite churches in Austria. 

In this district, you will find some really cool bars, but at the same time you might run into some odd balls, all in a night’s work on Opengasse. 

Stay here if you prefer somewhere with an edgier vibe, as well as being part of the student community. Or should we call it hipster?

Budget hotel option

wombats hostel vienna
Wombats Hostel Vienna Naschmarkt

Wombats Hostel Vienna Naschmarkt, €60 per night

Why stay here: 

Not only do we love wombats, we think this is one of the best budget accommodation in all of Vienna. 

That is pretty high praise, but when you weigh in the excellent location (right across Naschmarkt, and minutes to the center), free breakfast, lively environment, it’s hard to find another winner like this one. 

While it is a hostel, you can book double or twin rooms with ensuite toilets.

Book Wombats Hostel here

Mid Range hotel option

Das Triest Hotel, €198 per night

Why stay here: 

Although the price tag is a bit steep, you will be spending your nights in one of the best locations across Vienna, as well as be part of history.

This building used to be a station for coaches, but has been revamped and redesigned to take on a modern classical look.

Excellent services throughout this hotel and try out the superb Bistro Porto.

Book Das Triest Hotel here

Luxury hotel option

Karl Suites Palais Wessely, €220 per night

Why stay here:

Located near the Karlsplatz, this lovely hotel offers a great location near the city center of Vienna, yet hidden away enough to remain peaceful and quiet.

The rooms come with a patio where you can relax and soak in the beautiful views of the garden, and since it is an apartment, the amenities are well stocked and serves a group of 4 easily.

Book Karl Suites Palais Wessely here

District 5: Margareten

In this district, you can expect to see quite a large number of foreigners as well as local workers. 

Walking around you will realise there is a strong influence of the socialist movement, and it is not usually a well known place for tourists to visit.

However, there are some good priced accommodation found here, and if you manage to snag a place near the 4th district or in the Kettenbrückengasse, you will be in a good spot to explore Vienna.

Try to avoid the area of Gurtel, especially at night, as it has gained a reputation of being rougher up here.

Budget hotel option

SafeStay Vienna, €80 per night

Why stay here:

Located along a busy street with lots of restaurants and cafes, this is a prime spot to explore both the city center and Schonbrunn. 

The hotel is stylishly designed and have all the basic amenities you will need.

Book SafeStay Vienna here

Mid Range hotel option

pentahotel Vienna

pentahotel Vienna, €150 per night

Why stay here:

The subway is only a 5 minutes walk away, which gives you access to the 4th district as well as the city center very easily. 

The restaurant is pretty good, and this is one of the few hotels in Vienna where you can find a billiards table!

Book pentahotel Vienna here

Luxury hotel option

Holiday Inn Vienna City, €220 per night

Why stay here: 

There isn’t a lot of luxury options available in this district, but we found that the Holiday Inn is an excellent choice, especially for couples. 

Huge rooms and attentive service, you can take a short walk over to Freihausviertel Quarter where it is well known for its shopping!

Book Holiday Inn Vienna City here

District 6: Mariahilf

Shoppers will love this district, as it is home to the famous shopping street, Mariahilferstrasse. 

The population density here is high, so you got to be comfortable with large crowds whenever you are out and about. 

There are lots of contrasting characters here, from the young hipsters to the sophisticated high end shopper. 

You will definitely love it if you are into shopping and cafe culture. 

All in all, it is a pretty cool and laid back area to stay in, but do avoid the Gurtel street.

Budget hotel option

Ibis Wien Mariahilf, €70 per night

Why stay here:

Comfortable and functional rooms, with a bar that opens 24 hours? 

Plus, it is only 5 minutes walk from the nearest subway, and close to lots of dining and coffee options.

Book Ibis Wien Mariahilf here

Mid Range hotel option

hotel beethoven vienna
Hotel Beethoven Vienna

Hotel Beethoven Wien, €155 per night

Why stay here:

Although this hotel is found within the 6th district, it is close to the 4th, hence allowing you to take a short walk over to the Naschmarkt and the city center. 

The rooms are decorated in vibrant colours, and spacious and quiet.

A yummy breakfast is included, and this is our top recommendation for District 6. 

Book Hotel Beethoven Wien here

Luxury hotel option

Mercure Secession Wien, €210

Why stay here:

In terms of location in District 6, we believe the Mercure offers the best option. 

It is just a minute walk to the Naschmarkt, and only 5 minutes to the central Karlsplatz station, which is an important interchange for subways. 

The rooms are huge, and the setting is typical classic Viennese style. 

Free espresso too!

Book Mercure Secession Wien here

District 7: Neubau

Considered a middle to high income district, this is one of the most progressive and modern districts in Vienna.

If you speak to the locals, you will hear things like hipster and bohemian, but that does not fully reflect what this district has to offer.

It is young and liberal, and full of top notch restaurants and cafes to boot. 

Walk along its streets and you will discover a new-ish side to Vienna, a creative and bright spark in a traditional city.

Budget hotel option

IntercityHotel Wien, €80 per night

Why stay here: 

Budget conscious travellers will be happy with this find, as they often offer attractive rates and the price comes with a public transport ticket.

The hotel is close to the subway, and if you are taking day trips out of Vienna, the Westbahnhof train station is also within walking distance.

Its location is outstanding, and you get views of the busy Mariahilf boulevard too.

Book IntercityHotel Wien here

Mid Range hotel option

Apollo Hotel Vienna, €150 per night

Why stay here:

The Apollo Hotel is located near to the 1st district, and from here it is a short subway ride over to the MuseumQuartier, or Museum Quarter, one of the top attractions in Vienna.

We like that it is quiet, even though there are lots of bars and restaurants in its vicinity, making it a good place for rest and relax.

Book Apollo Hotel Vienna here

Luxury hotel option

Max Brown 7th District Vienna

Max Brown 7th District, €220 per night

Why stay here: 

This has got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing hotel in all of Vienna. 

Super stylish rooms, comfortable beds, and located in a quiet street not far from the action, this is another top value hotel we would recommend. 

We love to cool vintage vibe of this hotel, and the location is top notch too.

Guess what? There is a pool table here too!

Book Max Brown 7th District here

District 8: Josefstadt

You might not come across District 8 being mentioned much when searching for accommodation in Vienna, but you would be missing out if you didn’t even consider it. 

This is one of our favourite districts in Vienna, as you can get a real sense of being among the locals here.

While there isn’t any major attractions here, this cool district is suitable for people who wants to be in among the locals, and at the same time have easy access to the attractions.

From the 8th district, you can walk over to the Rathaus, or Town Hall, and from here you are in the Old Town already. 

Talk about convenience!

Budget hotel option

Hotel Alpha Wien, €90 per night

Why stay here: 

Great location and value for money, as it comes with a pretty good breakfast. 

Service is really good for a 3 star hotel and free coffee all day puts the cherry on top!

Book Hotel Alpha Wien here

Mid Range hotel option

Theaterhotel Wien

TheaterHotel Wien, €140 per night

Why stay here:

Theatre buffs will be happy to know that Vienna’s oldest theatre is located right next door, the Theater in der Josefstadt.

Besides that, it is set in a quiet area of Vienna and has close proximity to subway and tram stations.

Book TheaterHotel Wien here

Luxury hotel option

Hotel Rathaus Wien and Design, €210 per night

Why stay here:

There aren’t exactly a lot of premium selection here is Josefstadt, simply because it is not really a tourist area as we mentioned. 

If you are looking for something with that extra comfort, this hotel is the top choice, with a cellar that holds over 450 kinds of Austrian wine, 

The design of the hotel is modern, and its location is an asset, taking you just 5 minutes to walk to the Rathaus station.

Book Hotel Rathaus here

District 9: Alsergrund

In this district, you can expect to find 2 things in abundance: students and medical professionals.

The General Hospital is located here, and so is a host of schools. 

District 9 is young and hippy, and it is here where you can find Palais Liechtenstein, one of the most stunning palaces in Vienna. 

Our tip is to check out Servitengasse, which is a lovely and picturesque street in this district. 

It is home to numerous fantastic restaurants, but don’t just keep your eyes on the food; the buildings here are beautiful.

The area is still bordered by the Gurtel, so you might want to avoid the specific area. 

Budget hotel option

Hotel Bellevue Wien, €80 per night

Why stay here:

The hotel occupies a grand historical building, and has a central location.

From here, it is a short walk to the palaces as well as the Augarten Park. 

Tramlines and subway station is found nearby too, and for this price, you would think that you have gotten a real bargain!

Book Hotel Bellevue Wien here

Mid Range hotel option

Arthotel ANA Gala Vienna
Arthotel ANA Gala Vienna

Arthotel ANA Gala, €150 per night

Why stay here: 

As the name suggests, the property is charming and chic, and is located on a quiet street. 

While it is away from the noise, it is very easy to get to the nearest subway station, which is barely 3 minutes away on foot.

Rooms are clean and comfortable, and during summer time, bike rentals are available to guests for free!

Book Arthotel ANA Gala here

Luxury hotel option

The Harmonie Vienna, €200 per night

Why stay here: 

Again, not a lot of luxury options in this district, and this family run hotel is your best bet.

Extremely hospitable and stacked with amenities, you can actually pick up organic products from here. 

When it is time to relax, choose from either the excellent bar or the well stocked library, or just bring your book along and chill out at the lobby.

Book The Harmonie Vienna here

District 10 to 23: What to expect

From district 10 to 23, we are not going into the details for a mixture of reasons. 

These districts are mostly where the locals live, and while some of them might offer better prices, they are somewhat in the suburbs, so it might take you a while to reach the spots where you will be spending the most time.

Honorable mentions

We realised that there are some other hotels that deserves some love too, and in fact, they are some of the best place to stay in Vienna on a budget, so here are some more for your consideration:

If all else fails, you can still make your search or booking in this useful widget here.


Conclusion: What is the best place to stay in Vienna

Karlskirche Vienna
Karlskirche Vienna

So, where is the best area to stay in Vienna? 

We think that the best neighborhood to stay in Vienna is in District 2, but then again we are biased. 

As you can see, there are really tons of options for you, to cater to all kinds of travellers, so you are going to have a hard time choosing. Not forgetting all the amazing Austrian food you can get your hands on!

We hope this guide can help you out in choosing the best places to stay in Vienna Austria. 

Prices are slightly on the high side when compared to some other countries in Central Europe, but you get convenience and access to the best things to do in Vienna easily. 

Our tip is to find hotels that are close to public transport, and consider getting the Vienna Card to reduce your cost of travelling.

If you haven’t done so, check out our post on a 2 days Vienna Itinerary, or consider reading about a day trip to Salzburg too. 

Be sure to share this on social media if you found it useful, or simply pin it to Pinterest!

Logistics before visiting Vienna Austria

Find cheap flights.
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Find the best area of Vienna to stay.
Book a place ahead of time to get good rates. Booking.com has transparent fees and excellent rates. 

Handy travel guide.
For the old school kid in you, get a travel guide book and get lost exploring the city.

Your mobile phone can do a pretty good job, but if you need an upgrade, we recommend the Sony A6000 (US) (International)

Travel insurance.
You don’t need us to teach you to be a responsible adult, do you? Get a quote here.

Planned for you activities in Vienna.
Need a guide to show you and your group around? Lots of operators here to choose from here. You know who they are and how they are reviewed. 

More resources to help you.
All other useful travel resources we use when we book our trips.

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