Things to do in Liberec itinerary for 2 days

Things to do in Liberec: Itinerary for 2 days

things to do in liberec




Are you planning a day trip out of Prague? If so, you should really consider going to Liberec, a city just one hour away from the capital.

Take the chance to explore somewhere off the beaten path and get away from the tourist trail. 

While Prague is the big city with the bright lights and stunning architecture, find your way to Liberec to experience something different. 

Something that feels a lot more local, and we encourage you to at least stay a night at this lovely town. 

Follow this post to learn how you can spend 2 days in Liberec!

Things to know about Liberec before visiting

  • Liberec is the fifth largest city in Czech Republic, with a population of roughly 100000
  • It used to have a big textile industry, but today its economy is geared towards manufacturing, and you will find the car manufacturer Skoda here
  • Because of its association with textile, it has earned the nickname “Manchester of Bohemia”
  • Liberec is located north of Prague, and can be easily reached by car or bus

How to get to Liberec

The location of Liberec makes it easy for anyone to do a trip out there.

From Prague, you can either rent a car and drive up, or you can consider taking the bus. 

Book your car from here.

There are several bus lines that takes you to Liberec, and you can consider using the following: 

The best thing about taking the bus? It is super cheap, usually not costing more than 100 CZK!

Two days in Liberec: Things to Do in Liberec

Main square and Old Town Hall

Liberec Old Town Hall

This is where the center of the action is, and the Town Hall that stands in the square is a really beautiful building that was built back in the 19th century. 

Come admire the Neo-Renaissance architecture, which consist of 3 spires and carved with intricate designs, standing at 65 metres tall.

If you have been to Vienna, you will be able to spot some similarities here, since they both had the same designer. 

Explore the surroundings of the square where you will see colourful houses that really adds to the character of this town. 

Right in front of the town hall, you will find the elegant fountain of Neptune.

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Walk around the city center

The city center is bustling with activities, but not in the same way as a big city. 

You can see the locals going about their business, getting groceries, going to the bank, queueing at the post office, and tourists activity is really low here.

There are a number of places that you can easily walk to, such as iQlandia, Dino Park, or just go grocery shopping at Forum Liberec mall to pack a picnic.

You will need that later when you are out hiking or visiting the zoo.

Visit Anthony the Great Church

Less than 5 minutes away from the town hall, you will come across another towering building, Kostel Svateho Antonina Velikeho.

The St Anthony Church is one of the significant landmarks of Liberec, and it features the patron saints of the Czech lands on its alter. 

Unfortunately, back in the period of World War II, the original synagogue was burned down. and had to be rebuilt. 

It was originally in a Neo Renaissance style as well, but the new design is takes on a Neo Gothic form instead.

  • Kostelní 9/7, Nové Město, 460 01 Liberec, Czechia

Hike up Jested

Jested is like the symbol of Liberec, and it is easy to see why. 

As the highest point in the Jested Kozakov Ridge which is near Liberec, it stands at 1012 metres high. 

What’s more peculiar though, is the television tower that sits at the summit, along with a hotel and restaurant. 

The television tower began transmitting in 1971, but it was in 1973 that there was a grand opening. 

Since its beginnings, it has won the prestigious Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects. 

While it has received much acclaim for its design, we find it somewhat untypical, kind of like an inverted funnel. 

Not sure to like it or not. What do you think?

To get up to Jested, there are a few ways, namely by car, cable car, or by foot. 

We chose to hike up Jested by foot, and boy was it an experience. 

The route up is simply that, up. Think continuous walking up a steep slope.

We took over 2 hours to finally get to the top, but the views that rewarded us was worth the effort. 

You can walk in to the hotel area and up the stairs to the restaurant, and throughout the hotel you can find some exhibits that describes its history. 

While the interiors are cool, they give off a Soviet period vibe, so that’s not our cup of tea.

Outside of the hotel, there is a small outdoor shack that sells drinks and snacks, and you should hang out here to take it the marvellous view, and it is possible to see Germany and Poland from here.

If you wish to drive up, take note that you will likely have to park just below the summit and walk up.

If you use the cable car, here is the location and prices:

  • 460 08 Liberec, Czechia
  • 99 CZK one way, 149 CZK return

statue at jested liberec 2 days itinerary

Visit Liberec Zoo

red panda at liberec zoo

Another awesome outing in Liberec, we love the Liberec zoo!

You might think that in such a small city, the zoo will likely be quite lame or boring, but that’s where you are wrong! 

Come here with your family and especially bring your kids too, as it is kid friendly and there are activities suitable for them. 

You will be surprised to find rare animals such as the white tiger and red panda here, our favourite!

The design of the zoo is very smart, taking you through a loop and making sure you will not miss our a single animal. 

The setting feels very much like taking a walk through the woods. 

If you come during the summer, there is a sightseeing train that takes you around the complex, but it’s always better to explore on foot right?

All in all, there are over 170 species of animals here, so be sure to make this a stop during your stay in Liberec.

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Explore nature spots in Liberec

Liberec is really blessed as it is surrounded by nature.

You can easily find hiking trails around the city, and in fact, you can walk directly to the park that sits right across the Liberec Zoo for an easy introduction.

Go beyond Liberec to the Jizera Mountains if you want more options, or you can be like us and hike up Jested. 

Although we took the straight route up, there are a few trails that takes a slightly longer time but brings you right into the forests. 

The route is quiet and serene, with barely another visitor sharing the space with you. 

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Best place to eat in Liberec

We really enjoyed our meals here, and while we mostly ate typical Czech food, we did come across a surprise. 

Here are our recommendations:

Ox tongue at Radnici Skilpek Liberec

  • Radnicni Sklipek Liberec
  • Must Try: Ox Tongue and Schnitzel and BEER
  • 460 08 Liberec, Czechia
  • Sport Cafe Pizzeria
  • Must Try: Pizza, Local Food and BEER
  • Ještědská 202, Horní Hanychov, 460 08 Liberec, Czechia

Where to stay in Liberec

Consider spending the night at Hotel Praha, which is located right in the historic center of Liberec.

It is a really special building in the main square, and it stands out with is Art Nouveau style. 

Built in 1906, you have to walk in to see some of its gorgeous designs and art deco.

I want to stay at Hotel Praha

Another option would be to book a night through AirBnB. 

We stayed with a host here and really had some of the best hospitality ever during our trip. 

If this is your first booking, get a discount by booking through our link.

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Final thoughts about Liberec

We really love and enjoyed Liberec.

It never came up at all during our trip to Europe but somehow we managed to find it, and we are so thankful we did. 

We had some of the best times during our stay in Central and Eastern Europe, and definitely will venture back here again. 

If you are here during winter, this is the right place to come experience winter sports. 

The ski lifts will be in full operations and you can watch some jumping competition here too!

We hope you like this short post on Liberec and how to spend 2 days here. 

Most of all, take it slowly and enjoy this lovely town.

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2 Days Itinerary Liberec Czech Republic Pin 2
Liberec 2 Days Itinerary Liberec Czech Republic Pin 2

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