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You’ve found us! Hello, and Welcome!

Do you know that feeling?

Just before stepping out of your house, where you give your bags a final inspection, and you Zip Up And Go?

Of knowing that you are going to be jetting off to a new location to new adventures, or simply revisiting a place that you love so much that you sometimes mistakenly tell your friends it is your second home?

Or it could be as simple as that rush of blood when the plane goes airborne, or walking into the departure hall of your local airport, or just dressing up in some silly tourist garb.

Some of you might call it wanderlust, but I prefer to call it awe-mazing!

Travel, you must

We know. You yearn for travel. We know that feeling, as we do too.

And since you have found this blog, you must be researching your next destination (like I am pretty much everyday. Sorry Boss!), and discovered this tiny island in South East Asia.

You looked under Google Images and you came across modern, cutting-edge architecture and out of the blue, you spot an image of a water sprouting half-lion-half-fish creature. WHAM! Let’s go there!

The Mythical Merlion

What did you say?

How did this blog came about?

Bear with us while we tell our story.

Like so many of you, S and I are a regular Singaporean couple stuck in the rat race working regular jobs, having regular routines.

But beyond that, our daydreams and nightdreams (is there even such a word??? I meant the kind while asleep!) keeps us excited about the next trip to seek out.

And when we hang out with our friends, many a time, traveling comes up as our subject.

There’s always this recurring question, “If you have friends coming to Singapore, what would you introduce to them?”.

The answer to that is usually a mishmash of tourist spots and local food. It also depends greatly on the number of beers guzzled at that point too.

One fine day, the ‘AHA’ moment came. Why don’t we set out discovering our own backyard, condense the stuff we found and put it online?

Over time, we want to share our travels with you too, in the hope that it will give you some inspiration and provide useful material while you plan your own adventures. (check out the gallery below for our current bucket list)

And guess what?

For now, we can only focus more on Singapore, since we don’t have the luxury to travel full time (yet).

Cos you see, we only have a miserly 17-18 vacation days a year, annoying isn’t it? (We’re looking at you European folks with the 30 vacation days)

Read more on our blog here.

So discovering and researching our next destinations thoroughly is compulsory. And we aim to pass on this experiences in an honest, independent and light-hearted manner to you.

Do you want to know what resources we use that can help you too? Check them out here.

Now, I hear you asking “who are you guys?”. Let’s get right to that.

In sunny Auckland

This is us. Part time travellers, full time dreamers. A couple who is still wondering when the good music will come back, Roxette, Journey, and most importantly, Queen! 

One boy and one girl who adores taking photos with our sunnies on. Makes us feel like celebrities. We all have an alter-ego don’t you think? 

Jokes aside, for what it’s worth, we would describe ourselves as intervalo medio (Portugese for mid-ranged, sounds so much sexier) travelers, finding balance between costs and comfort.

We can rough it out, but we do enjoy some of the more sexy things in life. Just like staying in an AirBnB and turning that savings over to a scenic flight over an island. But frankly, it’s mostly to feed our beer bellies. 

Exploring places with lesser tourists is high on our list too, and we have had numerous great times just zigzagging our way across back alleys and nondescript streets. 

We enjoy the outdoors and we love animals, and as such we tend to fit in escapades to nature parks or wildlife sanctuaries  or anything else Mother Nature has to offer in our destination. 

All in, we look to sniff out the best deals to maximize our philosophy: 

Spend Less, See More.

We wish that you can be part of our journey, and for us to be part of yours too. One day, maybe just one day, we can turn our dream of traveling full time into reality. 

Finally, one little secret between you and me, we have really worn out our Netflix subscription so we really need to find something else to do…..

So what’s your excuse? It is up to you now to…

Zip Up And Go!

Flying over Rottnest
Krabi island
Sailing in Krabi

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Thank you for coming to our blog! If you love animals too, please consider having a look at a cause we support, the Red Panda Network. They are a passionate team who are trying to protect and save the cutest animal in the world. 

We can show our support by making donations or buying some of the handmade crafts through their website. Let’s help to keep these furries around for our next generation too! 

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