7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore: #4 Alone Is Worth It!​

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore: #4 Alone Is Worth It!

We were born and raised in Singapore, and through our travels, we understood better the attraction of visiting Singapore. This is why we decided to come up with this list of 7 reasons why you should visit Singapore!

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While we do not have amazing natural wonders like the Swiss Alps or the Grand Canyon, nor do we have the world’s tallest buildings (we do have the world’s highest alfresco bar though), there are lots of quirky and unique sights and sounds to pick up in Singapore. 

Many have called us manicured and bland, but we respectfully disagree. 

We spoke to 4 of our best friends and asked them what they would tell someone who is interested to visit, so you can hear it from a local’s point of view.

So if clean cities, safety even in the wee hours, and “old meets new” are up your alley, be sure to make the Lion City your next stop.

1. Well-connected and safe city

Getting around a city is really important to a traveller. How many of us want to take the 12-hour overnight bus through mud tracks to get to our destination? 

singapore mrt

Recognising the need for connectivity in the country as well as to the outside world, Singapore has built up an extensive network of transportation around the country. 

Considering we are one of the most expensive cities to live in, transport cost is relatively low. For example, compared to Austria, where a metro ticket is €2.40, a ticket in Singapore starts from only S$1.70 (€1.10). In fact, you should check out how you can visit Singapore on a budget if you’re cash-strapped!

That makes it so much easier for you to go from the city into the heartlands, or out to the nature reserves and attractions. 

Another thing to keep your trip stress free is knowing you will be safe.

Singapore is the 2nd safest city in the world.

It sucks to have to look over your shoulder constantly, but here, you generally don’t have to worry about bad things happening to you. Unless you’re an ass. 

2. Tropical weather

As we are writing this, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. But we can almost guarantee you that in less than 15 minutes time, the sun will be shining down like it’s on a mission to dry the water on the ground in record time. 

singapore outdoors tropical weather

The weather here is hot and humid, but that also means a reprieve from the harsh cold winters some of you might experience. Ang mohs (Singlish: means Caucasians. Read next section) especially love it. 

It also means you can be out and about in comfortable attire and get yourself a nice even tan. If it gets too hot, pop into one of the countless malls that dot the island and cool off. 

3. Learn a new language fast

Ever travelled somewhere and wished that you knew how to speak the local language? 

We find ourselves doing last minute research on Google for simple phrases each time we visit a new country, and sometimes it’s pretty easy, but many times we get tongue tied. 

Ice Cream Uncle

You won’t have this problem in Singapore, since English is widely spoken here. However, to really understand get acquainted with the people here, you need to speak our lingo, which is Singlish, our colloquial English. 

Check this out to learn a few words to impress the ice cream uncle along Orchard Road. 

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4. Taste the food

Although the majority of the population is Chinese, we have a wide variety of cuisines here, mainly thanks to our immigrant forefathers who brought their hometown recipes here.

Clementi Hawker Centre

Mainly, you will see lots of places serving Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian food, as well as an array of international cuisine. 

If you wander around Singapore or stay long enough, you will see the passion of Singaporeans in search for the next new dish. 

But it’s not just that. We are passionate about our hawker food as well. 

There are over 100 hawker centres in Singapore.

These are essentially food centres that are usually located within residential communities. We like to say they are cheap and good. 

Despite being an expensive country, you might be surprised to find yummy food that cost less than $1.50 still exists.

5. Clean and green

Hands up, who likes to step over open manholes and sewage filled gutters? 

Probably no takers. 

Clean & Green

While we are willing to visit off the beaten path places, it doesn’t mean we don’t like the place to be clean, especially in our accommodation and toilets. 

Well guess what, Singapore has a Restroom Association and the same guy also founded the World Toilet Organization.

We pride ourselves for being one of the cleanest cities on the world, and that is one of the most widely observed traits by visitors to Singapore.

There are over 350 parks and 4 nature reserves in Singapore

And while you are here, you will notice that our country is filled with greenery. In fact, we bet you that you can find a park within a 15 minute car ride from any location in Singapore. 

6. Amazing modern architecture

indoor waterfall gardens by the bay

The Singapore skyline is the envy of many, reflecting how the country has grown from a small fishing village to become the multicultural modern city today. 

Scores of skyscrapers can be seen from the air as you approach the Changi Airport, the best airport in the world. 

Take a walk through Jewel before heading into the city in pursuit of your adventure. It’s pretty amazing how the architects have incorporated nature into a commercial mall.

There are 3000 trees and a 40m waterfall inside Jewel.

Throughout the city, you can feast your eyes on a wide collection of modern designs, from the durian-fruit-like Esplanade to the world’s highest indoor waterfall at Gardens by the Bay

7. Tradition lives on

If you did a google search for modern cities of the world, you will almost always find Singapore in one of those lists. 

Traditional shophouses in Singapore

But did you know that we have our fair share of traditional buildings in Singapore?  

From the Fullerton Hotel that used to be our General Post Office to the remarkable Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam, these relics of time continue to live on and thrive.

Our National Heritage Board works hard to preserve ensure our history so that future generations can get a glimpse of them long after we are gone.

There are over 30 Heritage Trails you can explore.

Next time you visit, try out one of the Heritage Trails to learn the side of Singapore you don’t usually find in popular publications. Take it from a local insider. 

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Are you coming to Singapore?

There are probably a million other good reasons to visit Singapore, but these are the ones that best represents our thoughts.

Whether you are in Singapore for a day or a week, there is always something for everyone.

If you have been here before, let us know what your favourite place or moment was in the comments down below! We would love to hear from you. 

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