Things to do in Jewel Changi Airport

Mission to complete: Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel Changi Airport opened officially on 17th April, and from 11-16 April, members of the public were offered tickets to preview this new gem. More accurately, 500000, almost 10% of our entire population.

This project has been in the making for a number of years now. Talks about expanding Changi Airport Terminal 1 carpark to a megamall like this began before we had white hair. 

Hence, when we stepped into this monster of a building, we were pretty stirred to explore it.

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On to the preview. What are some things to do in Jewel Changi Airport?

We headed to Changi Airport by MRT, which is connected to Terminal 2 and 3. 

You could tell that the response to the preview was overwhelming, simply by the fact that train cabins were all full, but only a handful of people had luggage with them.

Upon arriving at Changi Airport MRT Station, it was about an 8-10 minutes walk to Jewel. 

Signs were well placed and there was a big team of staff to usher the crowd along.

Jewel is now the centerpiece of Changi Airport, and serves as a hub of entertainment and dining, connected to 3 terminals (1, 2 and 3) by spokes of bridges.

Approaching Jewel, our excitement level raised. Finally, after so many years of chatter, it is now going to be open for business.

To be frank, first impressions were not great. 

The entrance from the Terminal 2 side looks rather drab. 

We were expecting something grander in scale and certainly more clear look that we are arriving in Jewel.

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Jewel entrance
Blink and you might miss it – Jewel entrance from Terminal 2

The place is massive, and contains over 280 shops to satisfy pretty much every shoppers’ needs.

But the shops are not what makes it unique for us, but rather the interior design and liberal use of greenery that gives it an allure like no other malls here.

In some areas, you will feel like you are in Jurassic Park, but safe having the knowledge that Mr T-Rex is not going to appear in front of you any minute!

Yes, this is inside a mall, not a rainforest

Jewel Skytrain

What is there to do in Jewel Changi Airport?

Ready to start your mission? 

Imagine walking through an urban rain forest, surrounded by exotic plants and manicured landscapes. Your mission to complete all 7 levels begins now.

Starting from the top floor, you tackle the Canopy Park. The sun shines in through the glass encapsulated ceiling, lending a natural light to the attractions on display.

Go through the Bouncing Net, get lost in the Hedge Maze and coast down the Discovery Slides.

While you move through the garden trails, don’t forget the beautiful flowers of Petal Garden.

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Jewel - Petal Garden
Jewel – Petal Garden

Jewel Garden

You can also pick up some pretty pictures at the Topiary Walk. The manicured greens and animals are sure to let you have a few fun moments snapping away.

Jewel topiary
Chameleon at Topiary Walk

After conquering this level, recharge your energy at Aloha Poke and the Tiger Street Lab. Now, you are ready for your next mission.

Descend down and walk through 6 levels of entertainment, from stationary bikes to fanciful toy shops.

From level 4 to basement 2, there are so many distractions to keep you in there.

Still have the Pokémon craze? Join the line at this unique replica of Pokémon Center from the famous game.

jewel pokemon

Fulfill your fantasy and grab the plush toys, cards and other merchandise here. You won’t find this anywhere else on Singapore island.

Next up, take a break at the flagship Starbucks store and refill your caffeine levels.

Flagship Starbucks store in Singapore Jewel

This huge 2 story store has some cool additions, like the interactive Reserve Coffee Bar, where you can have a chat with a barista over coffee.

Fancy something cooler? Try out one of the 4 flavors exclusive to Jewel Changi Airport in the Nitro Brew taps. Singapore is the second place in Asia where you can enjoy this.

While sipping your coffee (or tea), take a few minutes to skim through this book which can be purchased from Little Red Dot Gifts. Get lost in this tiny enclave filled with Singapore memorabilia.

Jewel - Little Red Dot Gifts

Need to top up your energy levels now? There are too many options, and here are some options outside of the usual Shake Shack, Burgers and Lobsters recommendations.

Try out Tonito Latin American Kitchen, which serves up delights from places like Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Cuba. 

Jewel Tonito
Beef Skewers at Tonito Jewel

Or go for Kam’s Roast, an established brand that has satisfied diners looking for Hong Kong cuisine. Try out the signature Pipa Duck marinated with 23 year Chenpi (dried orange peel).

Jewel Kams Roast

We know you still have some space left in your stomach for desserts. You need the energy to conquer this monster isn’t it?

Head to level 1, where you can find Läderach and its snaking queue. Those of you from Europe will probably find this Swiss artisanal chocolate icon familiar, with its unique slabs of pralines and truffles.

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Photo from Laderach website

Be ready to get lost in Jewel. For us, 4 hours went by quickly and we barely scratched the surface.

For you, you will be happy to know that your needs are well taken care of.

There’s an on-site accommodation run by the world famous Yotelair. You can choose to stay a night, or simply 4 hours to recharge your body.

Besides offering you a place to stay, Jewel has a bevy of important amenities such as baggage storage, early check in and makes it a breeze to reach your gates on time. 

Not only that, you can easily find nursing rooms, get connected with free WiFi, or loan a power bank to charge up your small devices. 

Keep your bags safe here while you go shopping!
Jewel Fast Check In
Jewel Fast Check In facility
Jewel GST Refund
Jewel GST Refund area

After all that shopping, don’t forget to claim your GST refunds at well situated areas on level 1.

You have now completed your mission. One more round?

Let us know your experience in Jewel too! What did you enjoy most? 

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