Where to Stay in Taichung for Every Budget: 9 Best Value Choices!​

Best Place to Stay in Taichung

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If you are in search of some of the best experiences Taipei has to offer without the crowds, then Taichung should definitely be on your shortlist. 

Taichung is an under-the-radar spot in Taiwan, but as its second biggest city, you will be missing out if you don’t add this to your must-visit list in Taipei.

Back then, Taichung was only known as being an industrial city, but things have changed and the city is now welcoming more and more visitors.

Find out how to get from Taipei Airport to Taichung here.

Navigating this city is not as straightforward as in Taipei though, since it does not have a metro system in place, but that is set to change at the end of 2020 as the Metro Green Line is due to open.

As such, planning where to stay in Taichung will make an impact on your travels there, as you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel that is inaccessible. If you do want to stay off the main areas, you can try to figure out the bus service or just use Uber. 

Read on to find out the best places to stay in Taichung and make the most of your time there!

Tip: we sort these hotels by price range per night per room, and all of them will have WiFi, ensuite bathroom, and are clean, as we are clean freaks. 
Budget: up to US$50; Mid-range: US$50-150; Luxury: above US$150. These are just general guides, and prices can fluctuate depending on the season and availability.

Which District to Stay in Taichung?

Taichung is a big city, with 29 districts and a population of over 2.8 million. 

Most of the tourism activities revolve around a handful of them only, and we will dive a bit deeper into what each has to offer and which hotels are the best in our opinion.

Let’s dive in and find out which area to stay in Taichung, shall we?

1. Taichung Central district, 中區

This is the perfect spot if you are looking for somewhere old school, traditional, and has a slower pace of life in general. 

The central district is where the old city hall is located, as well as excellent food choices. 

Visitors can explore this area and find the Old Taichung Train Station, a beautiful red brick building from the Japanese era. 

Just a short walk away, you will find the quaint Taichung Park, yet another remnant of Japanese rule.

Although it is a popular spot for locals to kick back and relax, the space is large enough that you will still have lots of personal space. 

And finally, no trip would be complete without a visit to Taichung City Second Market, the most authentic and local market experience you can find in this city.

Packed full of yummy food as well as the best place to find local produce, you simply cannot miss out on this spot.

Best budget hotel in Central District Taichung

park city hotel taichung standard double room

In terms of location, this hotel occupies one of the more enviable spots in the Central District.

Just a short 10 minutes walk away from the train station, which is most likely where you will be coming from, it offers no frills but comfortable accommodation in rooms that come with their own ensuite bathroom. 

At this price point, the amenities are surprisingly complete, offering both WiFi and wired internet connectivity. The hotel front desk is manned 24 hours, which is not something that all hotels of this budget have, and they have a bunch of great staff.

When you need a workout, the hotel has a small fitness center to sweat it out. 

If you are driving from Taipei or anywhere else, you can park your car for free!


  • Modern and comfortable
  • Central location
  • Comfortable rooms


  • Soundproofing needs to be improved

Best mid-range hotel in Central District Taichung

Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park

Fancy staying right beside the largest park in Taichung? Where you can a breath of fresh air the moment you wake up and open your windows? 

As far as hotels go, this is one of our favorites as well as for many other travelers. 

It is located right at the edge of the district, bordering Taichung Park, and is a short 8-minute walk to the train station. 

Near the hotel, you can find lots of shops providing a wide range of services, from small eateries to restaurants serving international cuisine.

Not only that, but it is also within a short distance of popular places such as Sunshine Outlet, Yizhong Night Market, and Miyahara Ice Cream Shop.

We also love that their rooms are all decked out in floor-to-ceiling windows, offering you a great view of the city and beyond. Be sure to ask for a room on a high floor that overlooks the park. 

Standard rooms are large, at 26 square meters, and all of them come with their own ensuite bathroom.


  • Modern and comfortable
  • Nice views
  • Malls nearby


  • Not much variety for breakfast and the area is small!

Best luxury hotel in Central District Taichung


Le Méridien Taichung is a luxurious 5-star hotel nestled in the vibrant heart of Taichung, and it beckons with its exceptional offerings.

If you’re staying here, be prepared to be enchanted by the well-appointed air-conditioned rooms, boasting a plethora of amenities including a spacious wardrobe, a cutting-edge flat-screen TV, and a lavish private bathroom.

During your stay, you can indulge in rejuvenation at the state-of-the-art fitness center, or unwind with a delightful libation at the elegant bar.

The breakfast is pretty awesome, fueling your day with a delectable breakfast experience, where a sumptuous buffet awaits, catering to all palates with its array of American and vegetarian options.

The hotel itself is in close proximity to renowned attractions such as Taichung Railway Station, Taichung Prefectural Hall, and the verdant Taichung Park.

If you find yourself renting a car, convenient on-site parking is available, ensuring seamless accessibility, while the option of an airport shuttle service adds convenience for discerning travelers.

As expected, you will find a hospitable 24-hour front desk that will attend to your every need, while room service and currency exchange enhance your stay.


  • Modern and comfortable
  • High quality
  • Great service
  • Very clean


  • No mini-bar
  • Might encounter unpleasant smells in the lift lobby

2. Taichung North District, 北區

The North District is larger and further out from the train station and sits between the Central District and Beitun.

It is not the most popular district, but that makes it a pleasant area to stay in without the crowds. 

And at the same time, it is accessible to many interesting attractions such as the Yizhong Street market, the Botanical Gardens, where the National Museum of Natural Science resides, as well as the Taichung Mayor’s House.

Foodies will also love this area (or just about any area in Taiwan), as there are so many options on every corner you turn. 

Best budget hotel in North District Taichung

CHECK inn Express Taichung Yizhong guest room

Note: this was formerly the Funhouse YZ hotel.

Occupying a fantastic location in the heart of the North district, the Check Inn Express Yizhong is only a short 5 minutes walk away from the Yizhong Night Market.

The rooms are basic but comfortable and come with a kettle and free high-speed WiFi. 

We always appreciate budget hotels that have 24-hour front desk service, just in case there are any emergency needs in the middle of the night, and this inn has just that. 

Nearby, you can walk to the Taichung Confucius Temple, one of the landmarks in the city, and the popular Chungyo Department Store is only 250 meters away. 

We also like that the basic rooms all have access to views of the city as well as a small balcony.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Great service
  • Very clean


  • Soundproofing can be improved
  • Make sure to bring cash as the machines are old and might break down easily

Best mid-range hotel in North District Taichung

Inhouse Hotel Grand deluxe double room
  • InHouse Hotel Grand
  • Our rating: 4.5/5.0
  • No. 228, Wuquan Road, North District, 40443 Taichung, Taiwan

As you walk through the lobby, you will be impressed by the sleek and modern look this hotel has adopted.

The 24-hour front desk staff are well trained and can provide lots of suggestions on activities to do in Taichung, plus checking in is a breeze.

For fitness buffs, there is an outdoor swimming pool as well as a fitness center that can cater to your needs. 

In each well-furnished room, you can expect to find quality fittings and the ensuite bathroom comes with a bathtub, something that is pretty rare in Taichung, especially at this price point.

The rooms are large and have ample space for sitting and storing your luggage. 

If you want to indulge, InHouse Hotel also has one of the best luxury options available in its Presidential Suite.


  • Comfortable bedding
  • Quality finishings all around
  • Very clean
  • Ensuite bathtub


  • The design might turn some people off, as the mood is generally darker due to the heavy use of wood
  • Need to reserve a time slot for breakfast

Best luxury accommodation in North District Taichung

Quite frankly, there are really not many options here in the North District when it comes to luxury hotels.

InHouse Hotel Grand, discussed above, is one of your best bets.

Alternatively, we recommend checking out Airbnb apartments instead. 

There are several units near the Yizhong Night Market that are perfect for their size and location, garnering lots of positive reviews.

In fact, most of them are suitable for up to 3 couples, allowing you to split the cost among your group. 


  • Large space
  • Feels like home, full of amenities
  • Great locations


  • No room service
  • Check-in timing may not be flexible
  • Generally no security

3. Xitun District, 西屯區

As the second most populated district in Taichung, Xitun is also where you will find the Feng Chia Night Market, one of the biggest of its kind in Taiwan, and definitely a must-visit.

This district has gone through quite a lot of changes over the last few decades, turning into a hip and fashionable area for the youth to hang out, and is now one of the best locations to stay in Taichung in our opinion.

Due to the age of this district, many of the buildings are rather old and run down, but redevelopment efforts have converted them into hip and quirky shops that house some of the coolest cafes and restaurants in Taichung.

It seems that the visitors who stay here are generally backpacker types, reminding us of Khao San Road in Thailand, and there is an abundance of guest houses and hostels here.

Another place that you should visit is the National Taichung Theater, an eye-catching modern building that was designed by a Japanese architect. His inspiration came from whirlpools, which led to this masterpiece.

The only setback to staying in this district is the distance from the train station. It is rather far away, which means you will need to arrange for transport to and fro as you plan your trip. 

Best budget hotel in Xitun District Taichung

whoops hotel taichung entrance
  • Whoops Hotel
  • Our rating: 4.1/5.0
  •  No. 1-1, Lane 138, Wenhua Road, 40742 Xitun, Taiwan

Right before you enter the Whoops Hotel, you can see the fun and youthful vibe that’s radiating from the colorful stickers of cartoon characters plastered on its walls. 

The team at the front desk is usually made up of people in their early to mid-twenties, and they mostly are well-trained to handle English-speaking tourists. 

Within the hotel, there are a few types of rooms that are available, starting from the basic double room, to the family room that can accommodate up to 4 persons. 

Obviously, the amenities are basic, but certainly not lacking, including all the necessities such as shower gels, WiFi access, and air conditioning. 


  • Well priced
  • Great location
  • Perfect for budget travelers
  • Lively vibe


  • Water pressure is somewhat low
  • Hints of smoke smell throughout the hotel
  • Breakfast is not included unless you select to add on

Best mid-range hotel in Xitun Taichung

Best mid-range hotel in Xitun Taichung 28 shu xiang hotel

While not exactly within walking distance to the Feng Chia Night Market, the distance is short enough that a Uber ride will cost less than a large chicken cutlet.

The hotel is beautifully designed, giving off a sense of serenity and spaciousness.

All the spaces make use of a lot of earthy tones, evident in the wood furniture, and pair them up with liberal displays of hanging plants.

Its rooms are very comfortable, and all of them come with a decent-sized balcony where you can enjoy views of the city. 

At the lobby, you can dip your fingers into the snack bar which operates 24 hours! Perfect for late-night cravings.

The amenity kit in the room adds a nice touch to all visitors too. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Family and child friendly
  • Complimentary snacks


  • Breakfast variety is limited
  • Needs to have a shower glass to separate wet and dry areas

Best luxury hotel in Xitun Taichung

Millennium Hotel Taichung best luxury hotel in xitun taichung

This international hotel chain offers a wide range of options in room choices.

Instead of going for their standard rooms, we recommend booking a stay at their Club Room or the Studio Vee Room. 

The rooms are huge, and you will be pampered with the large luxurious bathtub and high-quality amenities from Hermes. 

These rooms are situated on the higher floors, which afford you a bird’s eye view of the city below you, and the views at night are lovely. 

Staying in the Studio Vee also means you get access to the Executive Lounge, where you can enjoy your breakfast in privacy, express check-in, and unlimited refreshments. 


  • Very high-quality fittings
  • Large space
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Get treated like a VIP


  • Hotel is slightly dated

How many days should I spend in Taichung?

As we mentioned earlier, Taichung is actually a pretty big city, and there are lots to do.

Plus, you can use it as a jump-off point to visit many other amazing places nearby, such as Sun Moon Lake, Chiayi, and Alishan.

If you are only exploring Taichung, we suggest a minimum of 3 full days. 

How do you travel around Taichung?

There isn’t a metro service at this time, but that will change at the end of 2020 when the metro is completed.

Update: The metro is up now!

Right now, your best option is to take the public bus service or use Uber.

If you are willing to try out the bus service, you will be glad to know that the first 10km is free, which means pretty much most rides are free!

Additional resources:

Where do you intend to stay in Taichung City?

As you can see, the range of options you have is excellent, whichever your budget dictates. 

There are lots of sights to check out in Taichung, and on one of the days, you can check out the nature areas that are well within reach of the city centre. 

Which part of Taichung did you like most? Share your comments down below!

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Handy travel guide.
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Travel insurance.
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Planned for you activities in Taichung.
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9 Best Places to Stay in Tai Chung
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