19 Untypical Travel Bucket List Ideas

19 Untypical Travel Bucket List Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for your next travel destination? Perhaps searching for travel bucket list ideas? 

Look no further as we share our own travel bucket list. They are some amazing locations and we are going to share why you must go there! 

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a bucket list is a list of things that one has not done before and wants to do before dying. 

We think that sounds a tad too depressing. A travel bucket list should be something that gives you motivation to materialize before it’s too late. As simple as that. You agree? 

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen

So where is our travel bucket list ideas bringing you? Keep on reading!

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Why write a Travel Bucket List?

For us, travelling is a huge part of our lives, and is what connects us deeply, not only with each other but as well as the world around us. 

We have always loved visiting new places, picking up new experiences and in fact, one of the reasons this blog came about in the first place is because of our passion for travel. 

It doesn’t mean you need to drop everything and go on a round the world trip, or go through the places mentioned in Eat, Pray, Love, but to treat travelling with reverence, a chance to humble oneself and see the world’s beauty. 

Travelling opens our eyes to new horizons, teaches us new lessons, and makes us new friends. 

It is perhaps the best teacher in the world, and with that in mind, we drew up our travel bucket list ideas, and made a commitment to see everyone of them before we no longer have a chance. 

Will you join us too? 

Enough philosophy for now, let’s see where we are zipping to! 

Red Panda Trek, Nepal

Are there any animals out there cuter than the red panda? Quite frankly, we think no! Have you seen her eating off its paws before? Red panda videos should be right up there next to videos of funny cats. 

So, this place on the travel bucket list ideas is something close to our hearts, as it gives us the chance to be out in one of the most beautiful outdoor spots on Earth, and have a chance to witness our favourite animal. 

Unfortunately, the red panda is today endangered and is estimated to have less than 10000 in the wild due to massive loss of habitat and hunting. 

We wish to raise some awareness about their situation here, and you can show your support by reading more about the Red Panda Network or the other non profit groups out there. 

Here’s what you have been missing your whole life 🙂 

Wilsons Promontory, Melbourne, Australia

It is no coincidence that our second item is related to nature and wildlife, because we love them! 

Most of you would probably never heard of Wilsons Promontory, or maybe not even promontory. Well, it simply means a raised mass of land that projects into a lowland or body of water. We wouldn’t know until watch this video of our next favourite animal, the wombat (watch it below!). 

Wilsons Promontory is a National Park located at the southernmost part of mainland Australia, in the state of Victoria. From Melbourne, it takes a mere three hours drive to reach this vast park. 

We look forward to the amazing hiking trails, lookout points, camping, and the endless stretch of beaches and coastline. Not forgetting the wildlife that roams free, such as the wombats, kangaroos and rosellas. 

Kjeragbolten, Norway

Kjeragbolten Norway

This location and the next two are not for the faint hearted, or those with a fear of heights, which we both are. 

However, we are determined to overcome those fears and step into this great adventure. 

Located in Rogaland County on the West of Norway, it is quite simply a boulder wedged between the mountain’s crevasses. 

The mountain in question is Kjerag, and part of the magic of reaching Kjeragbolten is the hike itself. 

We look forward to training and preparing ourselves for this 12 kilometres hike with about 570 metres of uphill in total. 

Along the way are gorgeous views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. 

Oh, did we mention there are no handrails or safety precautions when you step out onto the boulder? And that is is perched 984 metres above ground? 

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen Norway

Also situated within the Rogaland County in Norway, it is considerably shorter in hiking distance compared to the Kjeragbolten. A round trip will take approximately 4 hours. So what is it? 

Essentially, Preikestolen (otherwise known as Pulpit Rock) is a mountain plateau that measures 25 metres by 25 metres, jutting out from the mountain side, and is one of the most popular attractions in Rogaland. It is about 3 hours away from the aforementioned Kjeragbolten. 

Due to its somewhat easy trek, it is widely visited by tourist as it offers some of the most stunning views across the Norwegian fjords. 

You can walk all the way to the end of the towering ledge and marvel at what Mother Nature has for us. We like the way the Norwegian government thinks, that is not to make the place baby proof and install safety features like fences. 

The rawness of it is what attracts us the most.

Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga Norway

Rounding out our Norway travel bucket list is Trolltunga, otherwise known as the Troll’s Tongue. 

It is also the most challenging of the three, with travellers taking an average of 12 hours to complete. 

We definitely need to put in a fair amount of work before even attempting it! 

The hike takes the traveller through lakes and snow capped mountains, and rewards him with amazing scenery and an iconic photo op on the Troll’s Tongue. 

The area almost feels mystical, like you are in a land of giants and you are just a little frog in a massive pond. 

At the end of the hike, a huge horizontal rock formation awaits you, teasing you to step onto it and peer over the edge. 

To us, this is one of the ultimate nature trails that has to be completed in this lifetime. 

Armed with photos of you sitting on the Tongue, we are pretty sure you will be the envy of all your friends and Instagram followers! 

Komodo Island

Komodo Dragon Komodo Island Indonesia

Returning to our trend of animal related travel, we list down Komodo Island. It is part of the Komodo National Park, which also consists of the island of Rinca, Padar and a smattering of smaller islands. 

Don’t believe that dragons still exist? Well, not the one you see in Games of Thrones but a giant monitor lizard, in fact it is the largest lizard in the world.  How big? They grow up to 3 metres long! 

No where else in the world should you see the Komodo Lizard than its home, the Komodo Island, located in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. 

Over there, the dragons are able to run freely, giving us the opportunity to witness these magnificent beasts in their element. Not only are the Komodo Dragons a highlight of a trip, the island is host to numerous other wildlife such as the Timor deer and Russell’s viper. 

If animals are not your cup of tea, you will be happy to know it is one of the best diving sites in the world too. 

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Blue Footed Booby Galapagos Islands

This place probably needs no introduction. The location that motivated Darwin to write his groundbreaking On The Origin of Species,  this famous National Park is situated approximately 1000 kilometres off the coast of Ecuador. 

Due to its isolated position in the Pacific Ocean, it is home to a large amount of endemic species of flora and fauna. Now designated as a World Heritage Site, it attracts us due to its diversity and the moniker of a “living museum”. 

And seriously, where else can you see pink iguanas, red and blue footed boobies and penguins in the tropics? 

Did we mention there are 13  volcanoes that are still active? 

We think that just adds to the adventure and allure of these Galapagos Islands

African Safari, Africa

On to more animals, this time of big cats and lowland gorillas. 

Africa safari is home to some of the most recognised members of the animal kingdom, and many safari adventurers are there to watch the Big 5 in action: Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Elephant and Buffalo. 

For us, it goes beyond just these 5 amazing creatures. It is an opportunity to be in nature and get a chance to be in the habitat of these beasts and see they way they live in the wild. 

No hand holding, no fences and no glass enclosures. Just pure nature. It is the perfect way to get away from our daily stress and settle into a relaxing pace. 

And let’s face it, how often do we let ourselves do that? We all deserve that nice break and be in the Motherland among these special beings.

Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

Patagonia South America

We will be the first to admin, getting to Patagonia is going to be one of the most challenging trips we will ever manage in our lifetimes. 

Situated at the tip of the South America continent and shared by Chile and Argentina, it is home to some of the most stunning mountains, vast steppes and glaciers. 

Since we are a minimum of 3 flights and countless hours on the bus away, we hope to spend a good month or two in the region and explore the hiking trails, look out for whales along the coast and enjoy the unique cuisine it has to offer. 

Despite the long commute, we are confident that our journey to the “End of the Earth” will be fulfilled by the incredibly diverse landscapes and countless activities. 

Dolomites, Italy

Coming in at number ten on our list of travel bucket list ideas is the jagged mountain range in Italy, the Dolomites

Sure, we all know about the Swiss Alps and the Andes, but something about the Dolomites attracts us the most. With is sharp silhouette, diverse rock species and broken crests, it surely can be called a rugged character of its own. 

Besides some of the best trekking in Europe, the area also offers us the chance to try out skiing, mountain biking and not to forget the to-die-for views across the Alps. 

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre Italy

Still talking about Italy, Cinque Terre is a really cute and colourful part of the Italian Riviera coastline. 

Translated as “Five Lands”, these five villages sit perched on the cliff side along the coast, giving it a rugged and dramatic presence.  The way they are constructed and positioned gives it a unique feel, and the lack of roads contributes to its sense of remoteness. As it was over a few hundred years ago when it came into being. 

Today, Cinque Terre is admitted into the Unesco World Heritage and gets a ton of attention from tourists all over the world. A short train ride from nearby cities connect to the villages. 

The best things to do here? Hike the five villages and relax on one of the numerous terraces with a glass of wine, and watch the sun go down on the horizon. 

Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Cape Peninsula South Africa

This is the peninsula where the well known Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point is found. A rocky piece of land that juts out from the African continent, it stretches for 52 kilometres and is home to some of the most impressive scenery found anywhere in this world. 

It is easily accessible from Cape Town, a major city in the West coast of South Africa. One of the best things we are looking forward to is a drive on Chapman’s Peak Drive, widely acknowledged as the most scenic drives in the world. 

The drive culminates in the breath taking Noordhoek beach, a beach that has the most stunning blue and the clearest white beach that you will ever see. 

And we are definitely there to be on the Constantia Wine Route, where you can explore a collection of the best vineyards in South Africa right here on Cape Peninsula

Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka New Zealand

We have always loved New Zealand, having done a road trip in the North Island a couple years back. 

Outside of the capital, the landscape changes quickly and you find yourself in the great outdoors with beautiful views of the farmlands, the coast and the bright blue skies. 

Wanaka is on our travel bucket list ideas as it combines all that we love about New Zealand and more. It seems to have its own energy, with real blood pulsing through its veins. 

Located in the Southern Island of New Zealand, it is a resort town that offers numerous outdoor activities due to its proximity to Lake Wanaka and Mount Aspiring. 

We look forward to take part in its epic hikes, ski adventures and the local cuisine. 

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey

Turkey has always been high on our list of places to visit due to its deep culture and rich history. Cappadocia naturally made our travel bucket list ideas as it has one of the most special hot air balloon experiences in the world. 


Have you ever seen so many hot air balloons, in different shades and designs, take off and fill the skyline? Is that not dramatic enough? 

While Cappadocia is famous for its hot air balloon rides, you should not miss out the hiking trails that dot the city, bringing you up to the rock castle at Uchisar and also explore Derinkuyu, an underground city that was inhabited all the way up until the 20th century. 

We think there’s not a better way to cap off a trip here by indulging in its delicious cuisine, especially the Testi Kebab!

North Coast 500, Scotland

Going on road trips are one of our favourite ways to see a country. Getting on a car allows you to take your time to delve into the small towns, get off the beaten track and get to know the real locals. 

Tip: Get a road trip packing list and a road trip food list here.

Many a time, you also get the opportunity to witness some of the most stunning vistas while on the road, an exquisite chance to learn more about the country you are visiting. 

And the North Coast 500 offers just that. 

As its name suggests, this epic driving route is located in the north coast of the home of Scotch. Lasting just over 500 miles, the route brings you pass medieval castles, local cultural events and observe some of its rich wildlife. 

We say get there before it gets too crowded! 

Amazon River Cruise, South America

Amazon River Cruise South America

We are not Tarzan, nor George of the Jungle, but somehow our love for nature and wildfire has made us include this activity into our travel bucket list. 

The Amazon River should not be a stranger to most, and is also known as the “Lungs of the Earth”. It contains between 10-30% of all the fauna and floral species on Earth! 

In our opinion, the Amazon River and its ecosystem around it is the most fascinating place on our planet. And one of the best ways to explore it is through a river cruise. 

As there are no bridges across the river plus the lack of settlements near the river banks, it really has a mysterious and remote feeling. This is as close to nature as one can possibly get. 

Cruises are available from the countries it flows through, namely Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia and Venezuela.

Arctic Cruise, Norway

Polar Bears Arctic Norway

It’s funny that there are 2 cruises on our travel bucket list ideas, as neither of us enjoys getting on one. Maybe because of the thought of being stuck in a ferry for days on end and feeling trapped, we never took a cruise once in our lives. 

However, the two cruises listed here are extremely unique, if we may say so. And in this second one here, the Arctic Cruise, it goes beyond your typical experience. 

First the ship. How many people can lay claim that they have been on an ice strengthened cruise ship? 

Secondly, this cruise gives you the chance to kayak in the icy cold water of the North Pole and lay eyes on native animals such as the polar bears, walruses, and whales. 

How can you not consider adding this to your travel bucket list right? 

Northern Lights, Finland

When you have one of the most dazzling natural sightings on Earth at your doorstep, it is no wonder Finns are the happiest people on earth

Known as the most spectacular light show in the world, the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon caused by solar wind. That’s the ultra summarised definition, but basically it is like watching a live magic show. 

We have seen it multiple times on television, but not once can we wrap our heads around it, how exactly it is like in real life. It is simply too magical an experience that we have to add it into our travel bucket list. 

The Finns have done a great job, having made purpose built accommodation such as ice hotels, glass igloos and treehouses to cater to the different needs of travellers like you and us! 

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Japan

Tateyama Kurobe Snow Corridor Japan

Still staying on the theme of cold and snow, Japan is our next destination on the list. But instead of the usual names of Tokyo and Kyoto, we found this little gem known as Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route that lies about an hour flight from the capital. 

With viewpoints overlooking the magnificent Tateyama mountain range and world class ski resort, it is also the perfect spot for all seasons as the locale contains some of the best hiking trails, alpine flowers and unique cuisine. 

It is a great chance to escape from the skyscrapers of Tokyo and the massive crowds that descends upon the capital. Although the Shinkansen bullet trains are impressive, we are much more attracted to the humble regional trains that take visitors traverses the route up to Tateyama from Toyama. 

Have we mentioned the snow corridor? Look at it yourself and marvel at the ingenuity of the Japanese! 

What ideas do you have for your travel bucket list?

There you go, you have reached the end! 

We are guessing that by now you are thinking this travel bucket list ideas is not so typical? Well, it may be true and we certainly do not go after the usual path trodden by most tourists. 

There are so many different places to visit, so many adventures to undertake and so many undiscovered treasures to find. Why go down the usual path right? 

What are your favourites in this list, and what are the places on your travel bucket list that is not on this one? Share with us down below in the comments section! 

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