Top 10 Things To Do In Bremer Bay

Top 10 Things to do in Bremer Bay Western Australia

Searching for the best things to do in Bremer Bay? We have a list of 10 activities to keep you occupied during your time here! 

Bremer Bay is a beautiful little coastal town in a small corner of Western Australia, best known for its quintessential white sand beaches, thriving wildlife and especially popular with the fishing community.

It is located over 500 kilometres away from Perth, the state capital, and lies between 2 larger cities Albany and Esperance. 

Thanks to its secluded location, you are never going to find huge crowds here, and you will have the sun, sand and beach all to yourself. 

Let’s check out what are the best things you can do here!

Wellstead Heritage Museum

Wellstead Heritage Museum Bremer Bay
Wellstead Heritage Museum Bremer Bay

Situated right outside the Fitzgerald River National Park, the Wellstead Heritage Museum is dedicated to the history of the family and contains lots of interesting artefacts collected over the years. 

Within the museum, you will find a wide variety of vintage cars, tractors and other automobiles painstakingly preserved, altogether measuring over a thousand pieces of history on display. 

The beautiful stone buildings house the museum as well as the Wellstead Cafe, which serves up an excellent breakfast and lunch, and you can expect warm hospitality from the owners here. 

Right on the compounds of the Wellstead estate, you get a sweeping view of the Bremer Bay, your chance to observe it from a great vantage point. 

This is not your typical museum, but well worth a visit.

Hamersley Drive

Hamersley Drive Bremer Bay
Hamersley Drive Bremer Bay; Source

Take a nice long drive along Hamersley Drive, right in the heart of the Fitzgerald River National Park. 

The route takes you through the scenic park and along the way, you will pass by the dramatic coastline as well as have the chance to stop at a number of lookout points. 

If you are travelling during the July to August period, you might want to try your luck at spotting the Southern Right Whale that is migrating through this area. 

Starting from Ravensthorpe, the drive takes about an hour and you can gain access to some awesome beaches along this road such as 4 Mile Beach, Barrens Beach, Mylies Beach, Cave Point and West Beach. 

Culham Inlet

Culham Inlet Western Australia; Source

As you drive along Hamersley Drive to the southern end of Fitzgerald, you will reach the Culham Inlet right after Barrens Beach. 

It is a unique landscape not commonly seen by city dwellers, better known as a landlocked estuary. 

At Culham Inlet, you may want to bring along a set of fishing gear or pack your hiking shoes to get up to the top of East Mount Barren.

Up at this lookout point, you can admire the outstanding views of the inlet where it meets the sea. The lagoon created in this inlet is a sparkling turquoise, adding to its natural beauty.

Hopetoun Beaches on Fitzgerald Coast

Fitzgerald Coast

Hopetoun is a small town on the eastern side of the Fitzgerald and acts as its gateway. 

A small town with a population less than a thousand, it is a wonderful holiday destination for those searching for white pristine beaches, quaint neighbourhoods and amazing nature spots. 

The beaches that run along the Fitzgerald Coast, like Munglinup and Mason Bay are excellent locations to spend a day in the sun, swimming or just enjoying a picnic. 

Nearby, you can try out bushwalking, surfing or even camping, where you will be treated to the clear night sky and its countless shining stars. 

Fitzgerald River National Park

Fitzgerald River National Park

The rugged centerpiece of the area, the national park is one of the biggest of its kind in all of Australia, covering a span of over 329 hectares. It is divided into 2 parts, the West and East, and you will need a day or more to fully explore them.

In here, there are a large variety of activities that you can take part in, from taking walks up to Sepulcralis Hill and No Tree Hill, to canoeing and kayaking.

There is a huge range of flora and fauna here, accounting for 20 percent of the state’s species, and is such an important part of Australia conservation that it was recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

While you are here, be sure to explore the central wildlife area as well as hike up to the Point Ann viewing point for one the best views across the entire bay.

Explore the beaches of Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay

You should have noticed by now there are no lack of beaches in this area, and each of them are unique, offering different perspectives of the region and charming in their own way. 

If you intend to spend some time here either swimming or surfing, be sure to check out the following:

  • Reef Beach – good for surfing
  • Native Dog Beach – strong waves, not for swimming
  • Stream Beach – small beach good for chilling out
  • Short Beach – only 500 metres long, slightly rock but suitable for swimming
  • Fishery Beach – calm waters, best for swimming
  • Bremer Beach – best for surfing

One thing to take note is that there may not be any life guards in the areas you are visiting, so always proceed with caution!

Gnornbup Wines

Gnornbup Wines

Australia is well known for its variety of wines, and even here in a small secluded town, you are able to find a quality vineyard. 

At Gnornbup Wines, you can expect to receive personal and friendly service from the knowledgeable staff, explaining to you which are the best vintage you should get your hands on. 

Run by local people, there is also a chance to taste some of the local produce too. 

One surprising find here: Port!

Look for Killer Whales

Killer Whales Bremer Canyon
Killer Whales Bremer Canyon

Animal lovers will love the fact that killer whales pass through the waters off Bremer Bay. 

And the best way to do so is to go on a chartered boat ride with an experienced tour operator, who will ensure you have the highest chance to see these orcas in action. 

During the tour, you might also spot some other stunning wildlife such as the sperm whale, pilot whales and pelagic birds too. 

For this tour, your photos and refreshments are all inclusive, as you cruise along in the Alison Maree, a purpose built boat for this expedition. 

To see killer whales in Bremer Bay Canyon, use the widget below to make a booking.

Go diving with Dragons

diving in bremer bay
Diving in Bremer Bay

As you might expect, diving is one of the top activities that you can do in Bremer Bay, and what makes it so special is the opportunity to spot the unique seadragons here, as well as stingrays, neon slugs, striped fishes and all kinds of colourful corals. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced diver or not, there is definitely something suitable for your skill levels. 

This activity also brings you to Little Boat Harbour, a protected beach where you can learn and dive safely. 

Dine at Mount Barren Restaurant

There is certainly no lack of options in Bremer Bay to dine in, but why not visit the restaurant with arguably one of the best views in the entire region? 

That’s right, Mount Barren Restaurant, which is located within Bremer Bay Resort, offers diners a spectacular view over the bay while feasting on some of the freshest catch by local fishermen. 

The high ceilings give a sense of spaciousness and matched with the outstanding view, this dining experience is one of the must-dos while in Bremer Bay. 

We love the fact that they have activities for the little ones too, right outside on the lawn, so the adults can really take their minds off for a while and enjoy the exquisite food!

Where to stay in Bremer Bay?

It would be a shame if you didn’t spend a couple of nights here, but where should you stay then? 

Well, there aren’t a lot of options to be honest, and we have picked out 2 that deserve your attention here.

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Thoughts about Bremer Bay

We hope you found this list of things to do in Bremer Bay useful, and you can see that it is such a wonderful location to spend a few days, doing nothing or doing everything. 

The activities are diverse and revolve around our nature and wildlife in a beautiful setting.

Will you be visiting Bremer Bay? Let us know which is your favourite activity down in the comments section! 

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