How To Save Money On Amazon: 7 Ways That Work!

How To Save Money On Amazon: 7 Ways That Work!

Amazon is now a household name, and it’s one of the best places to shop for great deals. 

We are going to guess you have purchased something on the platform at some point. 

The great thing is that they seem to have everything, especially travel essentials and gifts for travelers, making it a very convenient one-stop shop. 

It’s all fine and dandy, but you should not make the mistake of thinking that the prices are the lowest around, as that i`s simply not true. 

So just like every self respecting thrifty shopper should be, we have found some ways to save even more money when shopping on Amazon.

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how to save money on amazon

1. Sign Up For Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day is one of those great shopping events lots of people look forward to each year (sometime in October, in case you didn’t know). 

Lots of crazy deals abound, but you will need to have a Prime membership.

It used to be an annual payment membership, but has since been offered on a monthly basis.

This has become a great way to save money and enjoy 2 days shipping! 

There are a few ways you can go around doing it, such as:

1. Sign up when you have accumulated a bunch of items to buy

2. Sign up and split the cost with a neighbor

3. Sign up only closer to Amazon Prime Day

Basically, you can now pick and choose exactly when to use it and to your benefit. 

Sign up here!

2. Sign Up For The Prime Rewards Card

If you have not signed for the Prime Rewards Card, you definitely should do it now. 

Not only will you be getting a $60 Amazon Gift Card, you can also get 5% rewards each time you shop on Amazon, which can be used to redeem for gift cards or to offset purchases. 

3. Track Prices

You know Amazon is really popular when there are dedicated websites set up to track the prices of the products. 

What’s cool about it is that you can get notified when the prices of items you want to buy get a reduction! 

Throughout the year, Amazon holds a few events (such as Prime Day, Black Friday) where prices get massive reductions. 

Sign up at CamelCamelCamel to start tracking. 

4. Outlet Shopping

Most of us have heard of outlet shopping, where you can buy original goods at low prices, mostly because they are out of season or they have a tiny defect such as a misprinted label.

We are not big fans of shopping, but we sure enjoy a trip to outlet malls where we can grab super good deals.

And we found that Amazon has that too! Yes, Amazon Outlet!

There are no problems with the products here. They are here simply because of overstocking, which is a common supply chain issue for retailers.

But that becomes our advantage, since you can often find crazy deals like 50% off!

5. Consider Used Products

There are some things that we would never consider buying second hand, such as apparel. But there are some things we would absolutely consider getting a used model, simply because it makes perfect practical and economic sense.

Just check out this Panasonic camera that is selling around $300 brand new, but you can get it for $220 if you go for a used unit. 

Since this is a great model for beginners, or casual users, saving $80 is pretty sweet. You can use that savings to get a nice camera bag and accessories like a larger memory card.

Something we recently bought was extra controllers for our Nintendo Switch, which really does not have to brand new. 

We are not big gamer fans, so the interest level is going to dip pretty soon. So why buy a brand new one when we can have it for a lower price? The same goes for the games too.

6. Use Coupons

When you find something we like and it is selling at a great price, it is easy to check out quickly because you thought you snagged a great deal.

But what if we told you that sometimes, you can get an even better deal?

Yes, it is possible, thanks for Amazon Coupons

The page is regularly updated with new coupons that you can use to get discounts.

Just don’t forget to check!

7. Get Free Books

Reading is one of the best ways to pass time, especially during a long flight.

The Kindle is one of our favorite products from Amazon, which makes reading a great experience, and since it is digital, you can bring a hundred books out with you at any time!

Sign up for a free trial here and get some free ebooks to read right away!

And don’t worry if you do not own a Kindle, since you can now read the ebooks on any digital device. Perfect!

Have you started saving money?

There are probably a lot of other ways to save money on Amazon, but in our opinion, these 7 are suffice to begin with and see real results.

What do you think? Do you know any other methods to save big bucks on Amazon?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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