4 Days Dubai Itinerary: THE PERFECT VACATION

4 Days Dubai Itinerary You Need To See!

Hey friends, it’s been a short while since our last post, and today, we have another special guest who is sharing their expertise with you. If you are trying to plan out a 4 days in Dubai itinerary, look no further as Neha from DubaiWikia, a blog that specializes in the Gulf Tiger, takes you on an unforgettable journey.

Before you start, you might be keen to learn a bit more about Dubai

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  • Useful basics
  • Dubai uses the Dirham, AED, and is approximately 3.67 PLN to US1.00
  • Tap water is deemed safe to drink
  • 230V, 50Hz AC, type G 3-pin sockets (refer below)
  • UTC + 4

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How to spend four days in Dubai?

Have a four-day Dubai trip on the cards? 

You may be naturally overwhelmed and confused about what to include in your travel program, particularly if this is your first ever visit. 

But, this detailed 4 days in Dubai itinerary (with some cool tips and suggestions) will have this task cut out for you.

About This 4 Days Dubai Itinerary – Who Is This For?

First of all, we’ve created this itinerary with the assumption that you’ve got full four days in Dubai. 

This is perfect for all who want to make the most of their Dubai trip. 

First timers would definitely benefit from it, while return visitors will get some valuable inspiration to compile their travel itinerary.

To make your trip planning more effective, we’ve also added different options (on second and fourth days) that would help you to pick activities or experiences that would go with your needs.

4 Days Dubai Itinerary Map

Map thanks to Wanderlog, a trip planner app on iOS and Android

Overview Of 4 Days In Dubai Travel Program

  • Day 1: Feel the contrasts of Dubai – Discover Old and New Dubai
  • Day 2: Spend a whole day at Downtown Dubai or Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • Day 3: Explore Palm Jumeirah & Dhow Cruise
  • Day 4: Ski Dubai, Shopping, and Desert Safari

Day 1: Feel The Contrasts Of Dubai – Discover Old And New Dubai

Today, you’re going to cover a lot of grounds, so begin your day with a heavy, healthy breakfast.


Old Dubai
Old Dubai

Start at Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

You may have already got a taste of the region’s unrivaled modernity the moment you landed in Dubai. 

Your journey from the airport to your accommodation would have further given you a glimpse of the city’s soaring skyscrapers adorned by jaw-dropping architecture. 

So kicking off your Dubai expedition at this ethnic quarter will introduce you to an altogether different side of the city.

Located in Old Dubai across Bur Dubai region, this 19th century neighborhood still retains its old world charm with its ancient sand-colored structures crowned by wooden wind towers. 

Walk down its narrow lanes and take time to check out its many art galleries and museums that teem in the area. 

They all promise you a deep insight into Dubai’s fascinating culture, inspiring traditions, and humble past.

Don’t know where to visit here? 

History buffs would enjoy a visit to Dubai Museum inside the region’s oldest fort, Al Fahidi. 

There are dedicated spaces for art aficionados too, with the Majlis Gallery and XVA Gallery

Interested in grabbing some genuine info about the Islamic religion and traditions? A must-visit here is Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

What’s more; there is even Coffee Museum which coffee lovers wouldn’t want to miss.

Mid morning and Afternoon

Following Al Fahidi exploration, walk up to Dubai Creek which is one of the region’s most significant historical landmarks. 

This natural salt water creek divides the city into parts: Bur Dubai and Deira. 

As you’re now in the Bur Dubai area, head towards Deira. 

Although convenient cabs and metros are available to reach there, go for an abra ride across Dubai Creek. 

This leisurely cruise in an Arabian wooden vessel will cost you just AED 1.

In Deira, come prepared to stroll past its many exceptional traditional Arabian bazaars, locally known as souks. 

They are a real treat to check out, and most popular of all is the Gold Souk

If you’re up for some serious shopping, don’t hesitate to haggle which would help to shop your favorite souvenir or merchandise for a rate that you never imagined.


After all shopping and surveying of souks, board metro or hire a cab to make your way to Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park

It’s one of the Dubai’s latest attractions which have mainly caught the world’s attention for its giant, picture-frame-like structure. 

Once you’re inside, you’ll pass through the past gallery which enlightens you about Dubai’s charming past. 

This is followed by a swift elevator ride which ascends you to its sky deck where you can glance into both Old and New Dubai literally from a single frame. 

Just before you leave, take a sneak peek into Dubai’s high-tech future by stepping into the aptly named Future Gallery.

Depending on the season or time of your Dubai visit, you can pair your Dubai Frame visit with a trip to other top attractions in the vicinity, such as Dubai Glow Park (which however is open only during winter months from November to March)

Day 2: Spend A Whole Day At Downtown Dubai / Dubai Parks And Resorts / Global Village

Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai in the evening

For today, we’ve two options for you. 

If this is your Dubai debut, don’t miss the city’s most posh and luxurious neighborhood, Downtown Dubai. 

There are lots and lots of attractions to see here – most of which are Dubai’s icons.

If you’ve already been to Downtown Dubai, still visit here to enjoy its latest offerings but condense the time you intend to spend here and instead utilize it to visit the recently opened Dubai Parks and Resorts which is an absolute attraction for theme park fanatics.

Another suggestion is to visit Downtown Dubai on the first day of your Dubai trip (preferably in the evening), so that you can have second day completely for Dubai Parks and Resorts. 

Now if you’re not into theme park fun, you can reserve this day to visit Global Village (but this is open during the months between October and April)

Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

Top Attractions & Experiences in Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa: Whether you plan to enter this gigantic structure or not, a click against Burj Khalifa is mandatory on any Dubai visit. 

At a whopping altitude of 828 meters, it’s the tallest ever structure on the planet. 

Besides its vast collection of top-of-the-range dining and accommodation options, people mainly flock here for its observation decks on 124th and 148th levels. 

The views from here are also unparalleled that it treats you with almost the entirety of Dubai.

Get your discounted tickets HERE.

The Dubai Mall: Adjoining Burj Khalifa, the biggest of its kind Dubai Mall alone hosts Dubai’s most popular leisure attractions. 

Pose with the 155-million-year-old Dubai Dino, ogle over 33,000 fascinating marine creatures at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and experience the latest in Virtual and Augmented Reality at VR Park Dubai. 

Add more exciting moments with a whirl around Dubai Ice Rink. All these and beyond are apart from the mall’s over 1200 outlets and 200 plus dining options.

Souk Al Bahar: Modernized shopping in a traditional, timeless setting – this is what you can expect at this market set within a resplendent, atmospheric ambience.

Dubai Fountain Show: In proximity to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Fountain where it astonishes one and all with one of the world’s grandest fountain shows.

See water lit up and artistically swaying in perfect harmony of music during the show. You’ll be super elated to know that this unmissable sight is a free attraction in Dubai.

Top Attractions in Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai’s recent status as the theme park capital of the UAE is by and large attributed to this integrated resort which is first of its kind in the UAE. 

You can choose to stay here, get the best out of its dedicated retail and dining section (RIVERLAND Dubai), and mostly hit its four parks such as:

Motiongate Dubai: You can enjoy here rides and games all themed around your favorite Hollywood movies and characters. 

Bollywood Parks Dubai: Hindi cinemagoers are in for an absolute treat and surprise here with rides, shows and attractions based on the legendary Bollywood movies. 

LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park: They form the Middle East’s first LEGO theme park with everything here specifically created for families of kids from 2 to 12 years.

Global Village: It’s Dubai’s ultimate attraction where you can globetrot the world in a single day, with 40 plus pavilions representing more than 70 countries across the world.

Watch entertainment shows by the world-renowned talents, experience diverse cultures, shop the unique specialties and dine the authentic ethnic delicacies of a particular region, among others, here.

Day 3: Explore Palm Jumeirah, Visit Burj Al Arab & Dhow Cruise At Dubai Marina

Dubai is so iconic for its man-made Palm Jumeirah (shaped like a palm tree) that it’s worth spending the bulk of your third day here.

Morning till evening

Take a drive around Palm Jumeirah to see its architectural landmarks or alternatively board a monorail ride whose route encompasses almost the whole of this urban island. 

Feeling adventurous? 

Take to clouds on a helicopter ride or get wild with an epic Sky Diving adventure; an airborne adventure is indisputably the only way to admire the unmatched majesty of Palm Jumeirah in its exact shape.

You can further stroll down the scenic waterfront Boardwalk promenade and even pay a visit to some of the region’s top attractions such as Atlantis Aquaventure. 

Placed within Atlantis, The Palm Resort, Atlantis Aquaventure is not only popular for its water park but also for its Lost Chamber Aquarium reflecting the theme of Lost City of Atlantis and Dolphin Bay.

Apart from these, you can sign up for some many interesting water activities (including jet skiing, banana boat ride etc) and even visit some of the most celebrated Dubai attractions such as the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab (the seven-star hotel) and Madinat Jumeirah which are just 10 to 15 minutes’ drive from here.

Burj Al Arab Dubai
Magnificent Burj Al Arab


Dhow Dinner Cruise

In recent times, Palm Jumeirah hit the headlines by unveiling the world’s largest Fountain Show! 

So don’t miss it; return to Palm Jumeirah’s Pointe to enjoy this spectacle. 

Finally, culminate your evening with an unforgettable dhow cruise Dubai

For this, head to Dubai Marina, which is easily accessible on a 10 minutes’ drive.

Day 4: Ski Dubai / Shopping And Desert Safari

Morning to afternoon

Depending on your unique personal tastes and interests, you can choose from one of the following three options to spend your time until evening.

Option 1: Ski Dubai
A visit to Ski Dubai is a definite must-experience during your first ever Dubai trip. 

With its snow-filled alpine settings and superb facilities for skiing, snowboarding etc, this is one of the most authentic places to try all your favorite winter / snow activities in the desert city. 

It’s located inside Mall of the Emirates and is open year-round (even during sweltering summer months).

Ski Dubai

Option 2: IMG Worlds of Adventure
If you’ve already been to Ski Dubai, you can consider heading to this relatively new theme park in Dubai. 

With four exciting zones (such as IMG Boulevard, Marvel, Cartoon Network, and Lost Valley), it has everything to entice both your kids and kids within you!

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Option 3: Shopping & Checking Out other Attractions
Now if you want to forego all actions and instead spend this day in a more relaxed way, the most ideal way is to go on a shopping tour or visit some of the region’s top parks and attractions / experiences like Dubai Dolphinarium, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. 

If your Dubai travel is during winter months, you can visit its seasonal attractions like Dubai Miracle Garden which deserves a visit, being the world’s largest natural garden.


Sunset Desert Safari

Finish your Dubai vacation on a high note with a desert safari; this is an immaculate interlace of fun, adventure and cultural experiences. 

It journeys you to Dubai’s pristine desert landscape where you get to enjoy 4X4 dune bash, camel ride and further be part of loads of cultural experiences including henna tattooing, Shisha smoking, falconry etc. 

A lavish BBQ dinner and ravishing performances of Tanura artist and belly dancer are sure to enrich your last evening in Dubai.

Book your discounted tour HERE.

Guided tour options in Dubai

Wanna take a day off planning and let someone else do it for you? Consider going on a guided tour option to gain more insights when visiting Dubai!

Dubai 4 Days Itinerary: Final Thoughts

With almost all iconic experiences incorporated into it, we hope that this travel program will come as handy to put together your much awaited Dubai holiday. 

Visit here once and we’re sure that you’ll return here to scope out more of its unrivaled splendors.


And many thanks to Neha for contributing this excellent itinerary! It gave us a good insight of what the city has to offer and got us excited! We hope it made you look forward to travelling there too! 

Check out more of Dubai here on DubaiWikia!

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