Road trip packing list: All the essentials you need​

Road trip packing list: All the essentials you need

Trying to pack for an upcoming road trip? We want to help you pack right.

How many times have you gone on one and realise you left something important out?

We have gone on several road trips before and we know that there are always a bunch of stuff that makes the trip much better. 

From the essentials to comfort items, these are the things we wouldn’t miss out bringing whenever we take to the road. So we decided to create one handy checklist.

When you have gotten the list, check out this road trip food list to learn the nutritious and delicious food you can pack along for your adventure. 

Also, be sure to check these unique road trip ideas to get inspired!

You can save the image down below, pin it to Pinterest, or you can join as an insider where you will get access to a private area that contains lots of goodies including the 2 checklists here. (The Road Trip Packing List PDF is also found in there!)

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Also, if you are travelling with kids, you might want to get some road trip games with kids on standby, otherwise you are going to have a handful dealing with them in the car! 

Check out this fun game called iSpy that you can play, which was shared by expert blogger Corritta from It’s A Family Thing:

Taking a road trip with a toddler can be difficult, without games or entertainment. One of my favorite road trip games to play with kids is iSpy. It is fun, interactive, and can be as difficult or easy as you would like. It forces everyone to get off of their devices and explore what is around them. 

The purpose of the game is to pick an object and everyone takes turns guessing what the object may be. For example, you can say “I spy something red with blue spots”, and everyone will take turns guessing the object. For younger kids, the game will help them identify different colors and shapes. If your kids are younger than 5 using objects in the car is easier and will give them time to learn how to focus and observe.

You can make the game more difficult for older kids by finding objects outside of the car that they must find. It will teach them how to be observant in their surrounding, which is a useful life skill. If you want to take it up a natch, add a time limit. Once you get into the everyone will be laughing and enjoying themselves without a screen in sight.

Check out another 6 more Road Trip Games for Kids here! 

Logistics before travelling

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Find the best accommodation.
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Handy travel guide.
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Travel insurance.
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Planned for you activities in Singapore.
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More resources to help you.
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  1. Hola Shang & Keith,
    I just wanna say this Road trip packing list is very useful! I often miss out a thing or two. With the handy checklist you made, I am not gonna leave anything behind.
    Cheers, Mateo

  2. First thing on my list, especially with all the devices, is always chargers! I put with my keys as soon as I start packing.

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